Your Gmail inbox has a hidden arsenal of features to explore. A lot of these Gmail features will help minimize your hassle and revivify your experience for both personal and professional use. Gmail is equipped with features that will help better manage your influx of emails and correspondence to and fro.

1- Use the “Mute” button

If you feel agitated for receiving noisy email notifications every minute or so, then this feature is for you. The feature is nevertheless is on the same lines as muting annoying WhatsApp conversations on your phone. If you no longer feel like replying to long email threads or feel somehow lost and need peace of mind, here is what you can do. Open the thread and click on the three-dot option can voila, click mute. You can later retrieve the email from your archive and unmute it as well.

2- Your Gmail has a snooze button too

Just as we punch the snooze button on our annoying alarms, you can follow the same suit on Gmail too. If you aren’t ready to respond to a few emails then you can snooze them until you are ready or in the right state of mind. All you have to do is click on the little clock-like icon and select your choice of time and date, it could be anything from days to weeks or even months. Once the time period is over the email will appear in your inbox which will be more like a reminder.

3- Make use of your screen

For your ease and convenience, you can make your Gmail similar to an Outlook-like look. You can easily respond, view, or read messages without leaving the inbox. All you have to do is, click the gear icon on the top and then scroll to the reading pane and select Right or below inbox to split your view to either vertical or horizontal as per your choice.

4- Choose tabs of your choice

Unlike other domains, a user can easily filter emails by selecting either social or promotional tabs readily available. In this way, a user does not get overwhelmed or has the chance to miss out on important emails. So hover your cursor to the gear icon and then click the all settings feature. Once done you can select the choice of tabs you want to see at the top of your inbox. Not only this, but you can also simply select the “primary inbox’ tab for a better experience as well. You can customize it as per your choice and convenience.

5- Enable auto-advance

If you are a user that likes to open every email and give it a few seconds or glance before deleting it then enable auto-advance. By default, Gmail sends the user back to the inbox instead of the next email or message in line. Which can be a hassle. So to improve your experience click settings and then ‘advance’. Once done, you will see Auto-advance directly at the top and then subsequently hit the save changes button for your sake.

6- Utilize Google drive for email attachments of more than 25MB

Google Drive allows every user with a whopping 15GB of space. Therefore, utilize this effectively. An email can only allow you to attach files less than 25MB. However, those who are looking to share huge attachments should definitely do so by using the drive. You can later attach the drive link or click on the share button for the receiver.

7- Powerful search tools

Looking to dig a decade-old email? Then immediately confer to powerful Gmail tools. Instead of remembering a keyword or sender, all you have to do is hover towards your search bar and click the down arrow. Once done, you will have the option to enter date/ year/ attachment size and even subject line.