The Durga Puja is one of the popular yet extremely significant festivals in India that has an astounding history. This festival is celebrated every year, also known as Navratri in West India. The festival commemorates the Hindu goddess Durga and her victory against the evil shape-shifting buffalo demon named Mashishasura.

To promote and celebrate West Bengal’s largest celebration, 7 UP took this up a notch by embracing and owning the vibrant and festive spirit of Durga Puja and crafted a captivating creative visual experience that encapsulated the true essence of the celebration.

7 UP’s standard green serves as a  natural base for hues like white, rich reds and gold. Taking inspiration from the cultural artistry of Kalighat, the new and refreshing brand identity beautifully transformed the city with a palette of green.

The design derived inspiration from cultural elements like ethnic clothing worn during the festival, unique patterns that resonated with the festival itself, and colors from traditional textile motifs used in women’s saree.

While Kalighat paintings are a unique fusion of cultural and modern themes, these paintings have always been a canvas of expression.

Kalighat paintings, a fusion of cultural and contemporary themes, has always served as being a medium of artistic expression. Hence, similar to the artists of that era, 7 UP commemorated with the same enthusiasm, same passion and heritage that made Durga Puja a unique and memorable occasion.

Let’s acknowledge and continue to celebrate the timeless spirit of Durga Puja and the exquisite charm of Kalighat art.