Digitization has definitely made things easier for us during such challenging yet difficult times. The rampant coronavirus is wreaking havoc around the world with our frontliners risking their lives day and night to bring the pandemic under control. With government-induced lockdown and a little window open in case of emergencies. Digitization has helped ease our worries. Similarly, Amazon Grocery has unveiled plans to introduce an e-store that is extremely convenient and reliable during COVID-19 times

Online Grocery Shopping

Previously, there was a hindrance wherein, customers were unable to click delivery options. Leaving them with no choice to pursue. But Amazon has updated their system and once you register, a notification will be sent to you. The feature is called ‘place in line’. But users have to be considerate as a matter of fact. The availability of items is limited and you will have to shop in a specific window or time limit provided. Also, online grocery shopping will ensue a first-come, first-served basis.

Amazon Grocery

If you are worried about contracting the virus whilst delivery then, fret not. Amazon, as well as whole foods markets, are implementing staunch safety protocols which include sanitization, cleanliness and foremost, social distancing. Employees are asked to sanitize before handling items. Further developments include grocery pickup which is expanding at the whole foods markets. As of now, customers can find availability on one hundred and fifty stores. In the coming months and pertaining to the situation the option and availability will increase accordingly. 

Also, if you are looking to shop in person at the whole foods market then there are precautionary measures in place. People aged sixty and above will be the first ones to shop. The general public will shop once they leave, just to be careful. The rampant virus wreaks havoc in people with immunocompromised health issues. Until then, do not leave the safety of your house except when it is extremely important or when an emergency situation arises.