you tired of the 9 to 5 job and seeking flexible work timings? Are you studying and want to make some extra bucks? Are you a married woman and want to work from home to kill the endless hours of boredom? Well for that matter, you have come to the right place. We’ll walk you through some of the best freelancing websites. You can target your type of niche and start working and to even further polish your expertise. Here are the Top 5 best websites for freelancers to Start freelancing Right Away! which offer you jobs and projects that are authentic, pay you well, and even have high scope for growth to build your own freelancing business.


Fiverr is the platform which provides opportunities to people targeting almost every kind of niche. It has, therefore, very tough competition and it has to pay rates as low as $5. But this is just a base pay rate and you can always set a higher price you have intermediate or high-level expertise.

Top 5 Sites To Start Freelancing Right Away!


Upwork is another amazing and rather diverse platform for freelancers be it a beginner or a professional. It has some amazing opportunities for people who manage to build a strong and impressive profile. It even has some very helpful features in order to set up your profile and make it look more credible such as free tests, certifications, etc.

Top 5 Sites To Start Freelancing Right Away!


Cloudpeeps is yet another incredible website that allows you to take as many opportunities as you may like. But this will prove to be more useful for professionals who have some relevant experience before starting freelancing.

Top 5 Sites To Start Freelancing Right Away!



This is a freelance platform that has a very smooth sign-up procedure and it is relatively easy to build a profile over here. This platform basically has jobs that are project-based and people bid to the projects according to what expertise they have to offer. But to your dismay, this site has a limited amount of free applications after which they start having a cut from your income or charge a specific percentage from your profits.

Top 5 Sites To Start Freelancing Right Away!


99 Designs

This is a freelancing platform mainly developed for Web Designers and Developers. If you know stuff about web development and you are tech-savvy, this is the site you should go for.

Top 5 Sites To Start Freelancing Right Away!

All these sites that we have recommended to you are those which we have personally used and are safe to use. So stop thinking and start working! Make sure you stay up-to-date with all the latest marketing-related news by following PromiAd on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.