Are chatbots replacing humans? Are businessmen actually getting more dependent on these human-made computer programs? Well, let’s see what these programs actually are and where do they stand in the world of marketing.
Chatbots are getting popular and are being contemplated as a new way of doing business and marketing. These are the Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs that can be used to automate certain tasks, and in businesses, it is used to communicate in a conversational style to people, particularly customers. These can also be used for automation of all the tedious and mundane tasks that companies used to hire people for.
This new era ahead is evolving into a complete computerized epoch, and to correspond to this ever-proliferating technological advancement, companies need to level up their automation game. Companies that are using chatbots for marketing, their customer services, and customer relationship management do not only have a competitive edge but rather are exploiting this new technology in many other ways.
Businesses these days have been more focused upon customer value and customer retention through marketing and that is being done through the usage of chatbots. This tool of Information Technology can be of substantial benefit to companies seeking a hike in their customer base. There are some key advantages of this technology that can not be overlooked.

Saving Costs:

Organizations usually hire employees to cater to their customers either in the customer-
service centers, over the phone, or online. But not to forget, companies have their working
hours and do not answer to any queries of customers after or before that. Hereby, companies
might lose their existing and probably their potential customers as well. Now this is the gap
bridged by chatbots, which are able to respond to customers’ questions and queries 24/7
without a delay. This not only might help the company cut costs of hiring, but also save time
and energy used by their employees to handle all these wearisome tasks of answering to the
same questions all day long.

Customer Engagement:

As technology advances, the use of mobile phones and gadgets has increased drastically. People prefer texting or messaging on messenger apps rather than calling and waiting an hour for the customer representative to respond. Not only do chatbots respond to the customers on messaging apps, but engage them in interactive conversations that help the customer reach the exact product/service they are looking for. This saves the customer’s time, make them buy their desired product, increase customer satisfaction, and ensures ease for the customer in various other ways.

Customer Insights:

Sometimes it becomes annoying to answer the phone of a customer representative who is asking for your feedback on the product. Due to the fact mentioned before, most the people prefer texting and apparently do not want to be engaged in phone calls. As people are getting busier every day, it has become difficult for them to spare some time to give feedback to companies over the phone or through the mail. This way, getting appropriate and useful information can prove to be a laborious task. In such a situation, chatbots may come handy, as they interact with people on social media platforms in fun and exciting ways so that customers may give their reviews with a few taps on the screen. This might save both the company and the customer all the effort and the hustle, in turn, causing the company to revamp its performance and product quality using that information.

Common Examples:

Some of the very common examples can illustrate the mindboggling uplift which chatbots are experiencing in today’s marketing. As businesses of a wide variety whether it’s a large scale or a small scale firm, are using chatbots to communicate with people on social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Snapchat! Personalized chatbots are being designed all over the world for businesses to market their products, respond to customer’s queries, aid customers in FAQs, and a lot more.

The corporate world has experienced this paradigm shift in the past few decades from its focus on the company to a completely customer-centered approach. By using Artificial Intelligence in businesses, companies and marketers are creating even better support and marketing teams leading to a radical positive change in customer experience.

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