Coke Studio is a Pakistani TV program based on music. Creating soulful music since 2008, Coke Studio every year features the best and the merging talents of our country to groom them. It creates studio-recorded live music and covers of our greatest legends. Coke Studio portrays a positive image of our country by speaking the language of melody and music worldwide.

Started in 2008 with its first episode, now Coke Studio aired its season 12 on 11th October 2019. The first episode of this season featured the most substantial singer of our country Atif Aslam After. He created a cover of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Wohi Khuda Hai,’ in a very soulful manner. Indeed it was the best way to start the new season.

In the further episodes, this season featured Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for ‘Dam Mastam,’ which was a devotional song to celebrate the love of Shahbaz Qalandar for Maula Ali. Another hit ‘Ram Pam,’ written and composed by Sahir Ali Bagga in (Urdu and Punjabi) was sung by Zoe Viccaji and Shahab Hussain. This song takes a light-hearted note on love.

The other songs featured on the show are ‘Maahi Diyaan Jhokaan’ by Barkat Jamal Fakir Troupe which is a Sufi track. It is written in the Seraiki language. And the song ‘Billo’ is a blast from the past giving us major nostalgia. The song is sung by the former singer of this song from the ’90s i.e. Abrar ul Huq who beautifully created the remix version of this song to spice up season 12.

Besides, many other songs are on its way to bring joy to your life. But till now this season was all about the nostalgic feels and love intensity. Talking about this season, the legend of our industry Rahat Fateh Ali Khan said:

“As long as a spiritual artist respects their craft, peace prevails. It is wonderful when a singer has a noble cause, when they are spreading a message of love, peace, and brotherhood as presented by our saints, without the greed of money or the world. This is the real purpose of qawwali.”

The singer of pop song ‘Ram-Pam’ Shahab Hussain while explaining music said:

“Music gives you goosebumps. Music is something extraordinary; it plays next level games with our mind. We are attracted to it and we are also driven away by it. It has power.”

Coke Studio has always been creating the best for the nation but this time it filled the air with emotions for the viewers. Because the stirring, soulful and deep music of this season dispense the essence of reminiscence.

So, don’t forget to watch the season 12 to add spices and love into your life. Visit the Coke Studio to check the recent updates.