Mental illness is a monster present in many but hidden, not known to all. The main cause of change in people’s behavior, physical attitude, physical appearance, health, and weight loss. Mental health awareness is a person’s social, emotional, and psychological well-being. Taking good care of our mental well-being helps us to be proactive and optimistic in life. Otherwise, it adversely affects our behavior and attitude toward ourselves, people, and society. Mental illness might affect different people in different ways. It can be treated, but most of the time it has extreme consequences and one of the worst consequences is committing suicide.

There are numerous ways to identify issues that might lead to mental illness;

Insomnia or Hypersomnia

Mental illness might cause disturbance in your sleep routine. And this might have an
extreme effect on the sleep span as it is a possibility that your sleep either reduces to a
few hours or even a few minutes. Whereas it may also increase to up to 20-22 hours. And
unfortunately, both conditions are alarming.

Eating disorder

People suffering from mental health issues may observe a drastic change in their appetite.
Just like sleep, it may have extreme consequences as you may experience a complete loss
of appetite, or in the other scenario, you will feel hungry all the time no matter how much
you have eaten.


Hearing strange voices, seeing strange things, talking to imaginary people, all these
symptoms lead to hallucinations which is yet another unwanted consequence of mental


Feeling lazy and having no energy to work or perform your daily activities may be a
signal to your mental health issues. If you have no motivation left to do your day-to-day
tasks that hold importance in your life, this is something you may regret not paying
attention to.

Severe mood swings 

Getting angry on minute issues, feeling depressed all the time, staying away from social
life and the people you used to be close with, all these problems arise while you’re going
through a condition that is leading you to mental illness.

Committing Suicide (In extreme cases)

When you start thinking a lot about death, and start having thoughts of committing
suicide, you’re at an extremely alarming stage of mental illness and you must not take the
risk of not telling this to anyone. At least, try to explain why you have such feelings to
someone, so you can get help.

A person prone to mental health issues might experience physical symptoms of mental illness initially such as insomnia or hypersomnia, eating disorder, body aches, drug addiction, etc. This may further lead to internal disturbance and cause anxiety, hypertension, depression, restlessness, and many other issues. If any of the above-mentioned issues occur to somebody, they may immediately try releasing their stress by either talking to someone close to them or doing whatever relaxes them i.e. painting, playing music, cooking, etc.

Talking to someone and discussing your problem can be the best remedy for any mental illness and might help with relieving stress promptly. Otherwise, always feel free to contact a psychiatrist or a psychologist, and do not be afraid of the stigmas or from the fear of the fact that people will humiliate you because this does not mean in any way that has turned into a psychopath, rather that you care about your mental health. Break free the societal pressures and value your life.