Social Media Marketing has brought a lot of ease for both large and small scale businesses. It helps you connect with potential customers, increase market penetration, improve customer engagement, and overall ensue lead conversions. Many businesses ensue almost 5 to 6 campaigns at a time. Analyzing their results is, however, a very confusing task. Therefore, the Facebook ads manager has introduced an important tool for its users. You can now access Facebook Ads Manager for excel. This will help with analysis as well as improve reporting.

Facebook Ads Manager

Through excel via Facebook ads manager, you can easily download ad performance reports. This will help managers to discuss how campaigns are performing and what steps to take next. This feature will also help with making social media and content strategies. Excel has long been proven beneficial for businesses. It is a critical tool that ensues multiple functions and can help with various business operations. Including budgeting, cost/benefit analysis, financial statements, equity analysis, and much more.

Here are some benefits that you can achieve via excel for Facebook ads manager:

  • As a business manager, you can easily download performance reports. Including break down of ads, ad sets, and campaigns. You will easily be able to apply tools on the spreadsheet as well. Such as filters, data ranges, ad status, and objectives.
  • You can easily download and create single or multiple data reports via Facebook ads manager. 
  • Further options include creating custom templates according to your needs. There are also preset templates available to download if required.
  • You will also be able to refresh your data or account every 15 to 20 minutes or once a day. There are also excel pivot tables for making your own analysis.
  • You can also use Excel to analyze ‘effective ad placement’. Also, research demographics, location, and target market easily. 

Make sure to incorporate Excel for Facebook in your reporting and analysis. Let’s hope Facebook brings in more tools and features similar to Excel. As this could be a stepping stone in marketing and social media strategy.

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