Google Maps can now guide visually impaired people. Detailed voice guidance gives people audio information when they are walking to their destination. This new feature will be enormously beneficial for visually impaired people. Detailed voice guidance for walking navigation has started rolling out on Android and iOS. Right now, it’s available in English in the United States and Japanese in Japan. Above all, with support for additional languages and countries on the way.

This new technology will enrich the confidence of visually impaired people. Google maps will enable blind people to walk toward the new destination more easily. Google Maps for the blind will continuously tell them that they are on the right path. Above all, it also guides how far they are from their destination. Use of voice navigation and automatically guides them in the right direction if they have to stop. Similarly, going around unfamiliar environments is a challenge for blind people. Google Maps for blind will be easier using Google Maps. Google Maps has launched this feature on World Sight Day that was on October 10, 2019.

To turn the feature on, go to your Google Maps settings and select “Navigation.” At the bottom of the list, you’ll find the option to enable “Detailed voice guidance” beneath the “Walking
options” heading.
In addition, here’s a cool video exhibiting the improved guidance in action:


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