In a time when fast food is considered the way-to-go and healthy eating options often take the back seat, finding delicious yet nutritious options can sometimes become challenging. However, our people have increasingly been showing signs inclined towards making healthy food choices especially across our three metropolitan cities. Let’s dive right into a culinary tour across these cities to see what are some of the healthiest meal options you must try when in Pakistan: 

Food Places in Lahore


Ever wondered where can you find the most decadent and airy variety of breads for your morning breakfast? Goflour is one eatery that offers a fusion of flavor and health with some of the most artisinal breads. The restaurant places significant emphasis on quality ingredients and fresh food. You will find a variety of nutritious salad options, healthy wraps, sandwiches and lots more made in their very own freshly baked breads!

Greenhouse Healthy Fast Food

Looking for a place that measures calories by the bite? Greenhouse Healthy Fast Food is committed to providing calorie-counted meals that are exceptionally delicious. Whether you’re craving a nourishing soup or a satisfying sandwich, this establishment has something for every health-conscious diner.

Grab Your Meal

Grab Your Meal, more commonly referred to as GYM by the lahoris, is a hidden gem for all those seeking to satisfy their taste buds yet remain guilt-free! You have the option to customize your own dish with a wide selection of sauces and bases to choose from. Their spicy Mediterranean chicken and succulent lamb meatballs are items that you just cannot miss.

Diet by Design

Are you looking to lose some on the body while you gain some on the taste-buds? Look no further than Diet by Design. This eatery offers personalized consultations and helps clients to make healthier choices by indulging them in nutritious meal plans to support their long-term goals.

Food Places in Karachi


This eatery started off as a quest to accomplish clean eating and has now successfully transitioned into the country’s first ready-to-eat health food company. Evergreen is another eatery in Pakistan that takes pride in serving some of the finest choices of healthy meals with the freshest ingredients you would have ever tasted!

The F Word

The F Word provides a sanctuary of macro-based eating and nutritional counselling for individuals adopting a vegan or plant-based lifestyle. This café serves a variety of delicious foods that will definitely entice your taste buds, such as the Beetroot and Pink Hummus salad.

Food Places in Islamabad

Wild thyme

This restaurant is a beacon of healthy eating options. In its menu you will find some of the most wholesome ingredients freshly grown to craft dishes that are as nourishing as described on it. Whether you’re craving a nutritious salad or a hearty bowl of soup, Wild Thyme has you covered.


This is for all those noodle soup lovers! Lanzhour is a hiddem-gem discovered by very few who have the taste-buds to enjoy a savoury, flavourful bowl of soup packed with nutrients created by authentic Chinese recipes. The meals are prepared with care and attention to dietary requirements, ensuring a satisfying dining experience for all.

BLT (Beef Lettuce Tomato)

BLT has an elaborate menu with grilled steaks as well as green-packed salads. As its name suggests, you will find a variety of hearty beef burgers to full-filling sandwiches alongside other healthy items on the menu designed to nourish the body and delight the palate.

Bon appétit!