Life can be challenging at times. It breaks us apart in the form of difficulties and losses. The losses can involve our loved ones, our relationships, finances, academic performances, and many other things that we think are beyond our control. These hardships are mostly followed by a strong emotion called ‘fear’. It is a natural response of a human being against anything that makes him anxious and worried. This hand-in-hand relationship of hardships and fears should never make a person weak but always stronger than before.

The Power of Overcoming Fear and Hardship: A Guide to Success. Here are a few ways to overcome this fear that has been found to follow hardships many times in our lives.

Decide to make your fear become your strength or your weakness:

Fear often ends up paralyzing a person’s ability to think and ponder over the situation wisely. However, if one masters the ability to transform fear into resilience and strength then the ability of fear to paralyze one’s senses is taken away.

Developing a strong personality:

The idea of a strong personality can be different for different people. The art of having a strong personality must always involve confidence, courage, moral values, a strong character, a positive vision, and self-control. A strong personality will always counter the negative impact of fears.

Positive thinking:

Positive thinking is the magic of realistic imagination. It should involve a positive self-image, accepting one’s own self, a peaceful mind, a hopeful heart, a strong intuition, and the ability to filter the mind of all the negative thoughts that make fears worse and hardships more difficult to deal with.

Keeping a good company:

Fears can become extremely overwhelming when the people around you are always discouraging and demotivating. One must always have the courage to choose supportive people and not the ones who bring disgrace and demotivating energies to the table.

Creating your own happiness:

This involves cultivating emotions that would help you to embrace challenges with a positive attitude. This also involves self-care, positive self-talk, accepting criticism, and also maintaining a good diet and good physical health. A happy person is more creative and has more options to think of than a person who is always dependent upon others for their opinions and validation.

Believe in the power of your prayers:

It is very normal for a person to pray and still hold fear in his or her heart about the future or the problem in which he is stuck. Prayers are doorways to overcoming fears and hardships. A person who prays should always believe that his prayers are heard and that there is a Supreme Power taking care of his affairs and he will never be disappointed if he remains steadfast in his belief and strong in his character.

Thus, the idea of overcoming fears due to hardships is largely related to a  positive approach toward life. Negative thoughts and negative energies are always destructive and the only way to stop fears controlling us is to stop absorbing all the negative energies and start radiating and absorbing positive energies and to believe in the power of positive thinking.