Do you have a marketing presence across multiple channels? In today’s digital ecosystem, the competitive landscape of digital brand wars exists.  IMC helps to communicate message 360° to prospective and existing customers. Integrated marketing communication accelerates both brand awareness and brand retention for targeted customers.

What is Integrated marketing communication – IMC?

Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is an approach to communicate a consistent message on all marketing channels both online & offline. Are you consistent with brand messaging? When it comes to “go-to-market strategy-GTM” utilizing an integrated marketing approach is one of the effective approaches.

Benefits of Integrated Marketing 

  1. Effective Communication to all marketing channels at once
  2. Connecting end users on multiple touchpoints, enabling online-to-offline experiences with greater brand visibility
  3. IMC is cost-effective
  4. It helps the brand to improve through various stages of the buying process (Before, During & After)
  5. IMC increases profits (ROI) through its effectiveness

Effective Integrated Marketing Strategy/Flow Chart

Integrated Marketing Communication Pakistani Examples
  • Ufone Befikri Campaign One of the most in-demand package subscriptions of Ufone with an idea to offer Befikri of the complete month to their users. In this bundle offer, users can avail data, call, and messaging for a whole month. Ufone pushed this offering with the same key Visuals (KV) on all online-offline channels. To cater, target, and communicate the messages to end users on all touchpoints Ufone integrated marketing delivered high sales figures.

  • Tum Jo Chaho by Telenor – The idea of no roadblock or resistance to achieve more and be more. Sky is the Limit. Telenor integrated marketing on all touchpoints with the narrative of empowering their users to avail best Telenor data, voice, and messaging packages.