Everyone’s favorite clothing brand Levi’s is once again here with something exciting for its valued customers. But this time it’s here with an innovation of other tech-infused jackets.

Yes!!! You read that right. A tech-infused denim jacket made to click pictures and receive calls as well. So now, stay cozy in winters and enjoy every moment with this jacket without any hustle and bustle.

Teamed up with Google, Levi’s came up once again with a very quirky idea of tech-infused denim jackets to bring ease your way.

Talking about the features of this idiosyncratic apparel, this new Levi’s Trucker Jacket has the following specifications:

  • This rig-out has built-in Google’s Jacquard technology.
  • Just like the previous concept, the tech-behind is infused into the “tag” on the left cuff of the jacket.
  • This tag is Bluetooth enabled and acts as a touchpad to perform the particular functionality. Moreover, it is smaller in size than the previous one.
  • Despite being a smart jacket, this jacket is fully washable.
  • An “Always Together” feature to notify you in case you get distant from your phone.

(The vibrations of notifications are completely sensed by the human body just like the smartphones)


The built-in Jacquard app will help to choose the app of your choice through some specific gestures. Few known gestures are:

  1. Swipe up,
  2. Swipe down,
  3. Double-tap
  4. Cover.

But this time the Jacquard app came with some better abilities. Now, Google permits the use of more apps with Jacquard. Besides the call receiver and music controller feature, this new attire can help you to click snaps or trace your daily routine work.

Although, many consumers believe that, there is no point in using tech-infused clothing when we have numerous gadgets. But the owner of Jacquard by Google said:

“Right now there’s a bit of a backlash against screens and people being so focused on the phone, the vision behind this is ambient computing and the idea of ambient computing is very opposite to the idea of the phone. The idea is that your functionality has multiple touchpoints, and you can access the same features, but from many different things.”

The jacket is available in different sizes for both men and women. Furthermore, the jacket has both standard and Sherpa versions. So, for the standard jacket you need to pay $198 and $248 for the other. This year’s discovery is cheaper than the previous one and is worth the shot. So buy yourself the coolest attire of the season at Levi’s.com.