LinkedIn is a great way to ensue various career options. The portal has bridged the gap between employers and potential employees very effectively. The success of LinkedIn is quite evident. Which is why they have published an emerging job report for 2020. The report entails and includes jobs that have experienced tremendous growth and progress. Here are some important job details and analysis that you need to know: 

Data Science is booming

Artificial intelligence is taking over. The LinkedIn emerging job reports 2020 indicated strong growth in this particular field. Many companies and businesses seek artificial intelligence as the means to improve operational mobility and pursue effective processes. 


If you are an engineer living in Pakistan, then you might be well familiar with the ordeal. But good news! Linkedin’s job report indicates an enormous 50% growth in this field. Especially those who have a degree in software engineering, robotics and development. Head to LinkedIn and work on your profiles. There is a huge chance your job prospects will improve in 2020.

Mental health specialist as an emerging job in 2020

We all know how important mental health is. A few years ago any problems related to mental health were considered taboo. However, thanks to social media, people and celebrities are paying heed to mental health. Since 2015 till now, there has been an increase in behavioral health technicians, as reported by LinkedIn. However, to make your profile better and attractive definitely explore some online courses. Even companies are employing psychologists to improve and rehabilitate mental health issues for their employees. There is a huge chance the trend will pick up in Pakistan as well.

Companies will look into ‘hybrid’ resources

By hybrid resource, we mean, people with various skills and roles will be preferred. This means you have to amp up your CV and add skills, that you have experience in. If you are working at a startup, then you might have an idea about what a hybrid resource is. For instance, if you are working in the sales department. You need to learn to work with software applications as well. Therefore, working on a single skill set won’t reap any benefits. At your current job learn new technologies and gain as much knowledge as you can. 

Work from home and remote jobs are gaining momentum

This means 2020, is all about flexibility. If you are efficient and producing results then consider this a perk. Companies mainly in the United States and Canada encourage workers to work from home. Also, working remotely, means you can pursue various job opportunities. This also improves your multitasking prowess as well. 

Customer and Service Quality will take precedence as an emerging job in 2020

Customer Success Specialist, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Retention, and sales development jobs are on the rise. LinkedIn has reported that in 2018 alone, there was a 72% increase in the demand for these specialists and managers. Companies are looking for professionals that have both hard and soft skills to improve service quality and retain customers. 

To sum up, 2020 is all about improving the skill set and choosing professionals that can ensure more than one department. Hope this summary helps people with their career and professional choices!