National Foods celebrates the unique tastes of Karachi by introducing the new National Karachi Khas recipe range. This campaign is dedicated to the city of Karachi and the culinary heritage it holds.

Karachi is known for its cultural vibrancy, range of diverse ethnicities and its own unique identity that is class apart. It’s a city that is home to countless cultures coming together and what unites them is their shared love for food and an exclusive set of flavours that ignites their tastebuds.

The idea that brought life to this campaign was that Karachites have a distinctive taste palate and are keen to try ‘chatpata’ food that is rich and spicy in taste. This is what sets Karachi’s cuisine apart and makes it ‘Khas’ and special from the rest of Pakistan. From mouthwatering Biryani to satisfying Nihari, Karachi sets a benchmark for taste and culinary excellence.

Launching with a bang on TVC that reaches straight to their target audience with the right lingo and communication to connect and build relevance. The new National Karachi Khas Recipe Mixes is here to provide you with the very best of the flavours, filled with deliciousness for in-home meal preparations because yeh hai ‘sab se alaa’.

After extensive research, consumer insights, and feedback from food enthusiasts and talented chefs, the new National Karachi Khas recipe range came into being. A holistic consumer insight-driven effort that brings the ‘Khas’ restaurant taste of Karachi to home.