There is a lot of panic and trepidation around the world due to the global pandemic. Many of us still cannot believe that rampant coronavirus has the whole world in despondency. Maybe there is a silver lining to the whole negativity around us. Or are we witnessing the awakening of the new world order? Once the situation is under control, will we devise further strategies or look into how our negligence has led the world into a disorder?

The big question is: Once the pandemic is over, will the world dynamics completely change?

The COVID-19 hasn’t only affected our health but the pandemic has overall impacted our economies too. Even technologically advanced developed countries are suffering widely. Dwindling resources, front-liners risking their lives, and mental health in shreds, it’s high time we realize we need pertinent solutions to shape our future. What changes do we believe are in order if things are likely to subside?

The shift of world power in the new world order

Research suggests once the pandemic is in control there will be a huge shift of world power. The shift will give precedence to Asian countries’ majorly China. The recovery rate on this side of the country is higher than in Europe and North America. Also, there will be a major shift in energy and power generation. More steps towards quality than lower operating costs will be the new strategy in power industries and factories. Moreover, consumer behavior pertaining to technological advancements and more dependence on online transactions will heed precedence in the future. The aim is to put health first thus, staying safe is the devised strategy. Work from home will get more importance and further organizational steps will make it a viable choice. 

Business Dynamics will Change

Furthermore, business dynamics will change. More importance will be given to video conferencing and also steps to facilitate high-speed internet will be taken. The fact is, lockdown amid the rampant virus has led a shift in how organizations operate. The key determinant here is to utilize this in the future and develop tools to enable business survivability. E-services will ensue the dawn of a new era. Taking the United Arab Emirates example; they are using this experience to strengthen their e-services. Their future plans include introducing electronic mediums for passport services, ministries, and other similar institutions.

Global Health Care System

A reality check pertaining to the pandemic is that the global health care system wasn’t prepared for the pandemic. None of the necessary studies or trials were carried out. Although instances of COVID-19 have happened before including SARS and MERS-COV. Besides pertinent studies, other shortcomings included rapidly dwindling resources and a lack of precautionary measures and implementation. However, this will be worked upon in the future with more prevalent solutions to facilitate startups to come up with creative solutions.  There will be a huge social change in order.

One thing COVID-19 has taught us that everyone has stepped up and supported the impoverished and needy. This indicates empathy and humanity in times of crisis restoring faith in every one of us!

Foremost, a reduction in human activities has led to a decline in carbon emissions. This is a major feat indeed; the impacts of climate change are another impending doom waiting to lead the world in another irrecoverable crisis. In light of the recent pandemic COVID-19. One thing is clear that 80% of global warming is a result of human activities.