When you confronted with a problem, Attitude makes all the difference. It can make or break lives. A positive attitude for work gives results when you become Solution Focused not Problem Focused. We might understand it better by looking at the Philosophy of an Ant, who sets an example of how to look at an obstacle:

Have you ever seen an ant sitting idle? Probably not. Why? because:

  1. Ants never sit Idle: It is not in their nature. They are hard-working. A strong passion will never let you sit idle. Never sit idle if you want to be an ideal.
  2. Ants never quit: If we try to block their way, they will go up, down, sideways, but will not stop. How long do they keep trying to overcome the obstacle? Till they find a way to rise above it. So, obstacles don’t stop them, and they shouldn’t stop us either. They persist.
  3. Ants are far-sighted: They don’t think about summer in summer. They are busy collecting food and preparing for the winter, That’s why they are in rush all through the summer season. You will never see an idle ant unless it’s dead.
  4. Ants have a work-life balance: They work during summers and rest during winter. They hibernate to conserve energy. They know when to stop working.
  5. Ants are purpose-driven: Their sole job is to look for food for their mates. They don’t get distracted. They are focused.
  6. Ants can carry big responsibilities: Although ants are small, their contributions are big. They can handle up to a hundred times their body weight.

Winners have will power; losers have won’t power

The philosophy of an ant can be concluded in one sentence – they are hardworking, purpose-driven, and far-sighted, they don’t quit, and they maint a great work-life balance.

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