Traditionally, marketing strategy revolves around buying and selling for businesses. With social media in context, the marketing dynamics have changed considerably. Companies now seek customer engagement, conversions, and effective communication. Marketing in the digital age is all about social media and digital campaigns. With this, companies are now able to extend their reach globally. Similarly, reactive marketing strategy as the term suggests revolves around creating content that represents your brand and also initiates customer engagement. Not as easy as it sounds. Reactive marketing can quickly turn offensive if your content isn’t able to get the message across properly. For instance, the use of wild animals in a fashion shoot would quickly perturb people and officials. Which could lead to a negative brand image. 

The best use of reactive marketing

Here is a quick guide so as to what reactive marketing is about:

The first credo is to bring out your calendars and mark special events or festivals. Also known as  ‘seasonal planning’. With this as a starting point, companies can start working on their digital campaigns. This will help businesses to target potential customers and improve their reach. The goal herein is to encourage customer engagement and seek new opportunities. For product-based companies ‘Black Friday’ is a great way to endorse their brand. We all know how had a comprehensive marketing strategy for Black Friday last year! 

The most critical part of reactive marketing is deriving content. Companies need to realize that they can connect with their audience via happening news and events. Secondly, derive content quickly and smartly for your ideal audience. For instance, Tide, a detergent-based company seeks global news and events as a marketing strategy. They have millions of followers on Twitter and Facebook. To target their followers, they constantly upload a stream of tweets and statuses.

Marketing in the digital age is all about becoming ‘viral’ or the ‘big story’ on social media. Many companies encourage ‘hype-circles’ which makes their brand more relatable. For instance, Food Fusion Pakistan has thousands of comments and engagement on their posts. Their strategy is to post videos of easy-to-make recipes with a flavorful twist. They also encourage and promote unity by bringing in culturally inspired recipes.

Reactive marketing strategy in a golden context

For quality, content generation companies seek Reddit and quora. Both platforms encourage discussions and opinions in a safe environment. Thus, making it easier to bring both customers and businesses on one interactive medium. However, reactive marketing and humor (in a good sense) go a long way. If your comic timing is on point and your digital team is able to identify events to prompt engagement, then you are good to go!

How to develop a reactive marketing strategy?

Marketing in the digital age may provide various opportunities to grasp. But devising a strategy requires wit and ingenuity. For a more ‘reactive’ approach opt to set a framework with your content department. The framework will include different angles and guidelines to approach a hot topic in context. Also, look for ways to represent your content in a quirky manner and visually appealing aesthetics. Most, importantly react faster than your competitors! 

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