Chaaye Khana has been alluring chai-freaks since a decade now, and it has not only attracted elite class and provided them with a reasonable place to eat and chat, but also it happens to be the pioneer in Pakistan to introduce All-Day Breakfast.

For the love of tea a brand that was established has come a long way since its inception. Chaaye khana now serves customers in several outlets in Pakistan and continues to grow. Take a look at the mouth-watering menu of Chaaye Khana. This idea of All-Day Breakfast nowadays sounds familiar and even old. The main reason behind this, is the massive expansion o the food industry in Pakistan, particularly in Islamabad.

It isn’t too far to remember the days when there used to be a countable number of high reputed restaurants in the vicinity of Islamabad. And now, there are endless eateries filling each corner and every other street of the Capital City.

Not a week passes by without getting a pamphlet of the inauguration of a new restaurant, café, or coffee shop. An endless number of cuisines have been introduced into the city from European to Arabian, from Italian to French, from Lebanese to Turkish, such a saturated market it is becoming but do people really get frustrated?

Apparently no. Every now and then you see a review of new eating places on social media, what does it portray? Obviously, people like eating out and this business is booming like no other.

The food industry has never been on such a tremendous boom ever before, it is not only setting new trends of eating and hanging out but also it is playing a major role in infusing the tastes of other cuisines into our taste buds.

Such variety of food has ever been seen in the history of Islamabad, and the youth is getting mad after this new trend of eating and take out.

After observing such a bewildering response of the locals, more than two-thirds of the entrepreneurs in the past few years have been planning to switch to the food business as it is growing mad and there are endless opportunities after all. Make sure you stay up-to-date with all the latest marketing-related news by following us on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.