Samsung is already a pioneer in the mobile phone industry. The South Korean Multinational company features a range of mobile phones, tablets, appliances, and now the company is set to release the Samsung Galaxy book S, which is a tablet and laptop in one.

Samsung’s Philosophy

The company promises to follow a simple philosophy that is to devote its talent and technology in producing superior products. The company also invests heavily into human resource development so as to achieve service and technical superiority through idea generation and innovation. 

Galaxy S Book superior features

The Galaxy Book S encapsulates features of a phone, tablet and laptop. Besides, being fast and ultra light, the device also ensues great features. The device is just 11.8mm thick, and looks aesthetically beautiful. Users will easily be able to carry it anywhere as it weighs less than one kilogram. 

The new device comes with the latest Snapdragon 8cx

The new mobile-tablet pc includes the latest technology with snapdragon 8cx, users will thoroughly enjoy amazing graphics and battery life. The device can go more than 24 hours on a single charge. Thus, increasing productivity on the go without any tension or power bank backup. 

Users can binge watch TV shows and movies for upto 25 hours on a single charge

Netflix users can rejoice. The video playback on a single charge can last upto twenty five hours. So this means you can binge watch and enjoy your shows without any interruption. Also, with the latest tech, powering up the device is easy and breezy. With only a single tap the device powers up within seconds. So no delays in pursuit.

Galaxy Book S expands mobile computing ecoc system

Besides being a go to PC, the book S also includes additional features of mobile computing. Users can easily get their phone notifications, text around and send emails with just a few taps. There is a ‘your phone app’ installed already that will let users access important phone stuff on your device.

Samsung Galaxy S ensues a power button with a sensor. The sensor detects the users fingerprints to power up. The added biometric verification provides users with data protection in an increasingly transparent digital world

The Samsung Galaxy S will be available for booking and will cost around PKR 2 lacs. The device will also come with a pouch.

The pouch is a thin sleeved protector that will help protect your device from scratches or any damages. The pouch has a black grey color combination and looks extremely stylish. Along with this, the device also comes with a Multiport adapter with type C USB cable. Furthermore, the Galaxy S has 8gb ram and 256 internal storage.