sleep is unbelievably very beneficial for your health. It is as essential as eating healthy food. Sleep makes you feel better and gets recovered from fatigue and exhaustiveness. Its significance goes beyond just improving your mood and eradicating under-eye circles. Studies show that getting quality sleep on daily basis solves most of the problems of your life from blood pressure to weight control and many more and contributes to a healthier life overall. The benefits of good sleep should never be underrated. Lying on your bed but you can’t sleep is the worst thing faced by most people. It’s a very common problem, which physicians help the peoples to be solved. While you are not falling asleep you think about the next day that how you will awake on time? Could I be doing work without feeling groggy? I will be having a headache! All these things create stress by producing stress hormones which slacken the sleeping further. Here are 15 tips that will help and assist you with tips on how to fall asleep fast:

1. Follow your sleep routine:

A consistent sleeping and wake-up time trains your body to get good sleep. Going to bed at different times is followed by most of the people that disturb all the schedule of sleep and is one of the most significant reasons that you can’t sleep quickly. Irregular sleeping pattern disturbs the body’s circadian rhythm (24-hour cycle in the physiological processes of living beings). You should create a proper timetable for your sleep and stick to it consistently.

2. Calm yourself:

Exclude worries from your mind and relax. As you lie in bed relax your body completely. Relax your legs, belly, your hands, your arms, and so forth. A quiet mind is essential for you to sleep so relax your mind too.

3. Keep the lights turned off:

When you turn off the lights, the absence of light sends signals to your mind that now it is sleeping time.

4. Only use your bed for sleep:

Why only your bed? Your bed is one of your favorite inanimate objects were after the exasperating work you love to sleep. According to

“In a small new study published in Current Biology, researchers from Brown University found out what goes on in the brain when a person sleeps in an unfamiliar place. They measured brain activity during the deep sleep of 35 young, healthy people. The researchers found evidence that something unique indeed goes on in the brain during the first night: one hemisphere of the brain, the left, shows wakefulness while the other shows sleep. ”

So your own bed is the best place to sleep!

5. Avoid naps:

You take naps during the daytime when you want to take some rest and to keep your mind active and fresh for the next task. You should take them but not longer than 2 hours in the evening as they will disturb circadian rhythm and at night time you will not be able to sleep fast so focus on this also!

6. Avoid taking caffeine:

According to

“When we wake up in the morning, a chemical, adenosine, builds up in
our brain to create sleep pressure and make us feel sleepier the longer
we stay awake. After about 16 hours of staying awake, the sleep
pressure created by adenosine causes us to feel tired enough to fall
asleep. But, caffeine creates the opposite effect.”

So avoid taking caffeine after the evening if you want to sleep quickly!

7. Don’t exercise before sleep:

Avoid things that keep you awake. Doing exercise late at night prevent you from sleeping. Using the gym too late at night can increase adrenaline levels and make you feel more alert.

8. The room should be free from disturbances:

When you are going to sleep make sure that the bedroom is free from any type of noise. Noise basically disturbs your mind and deviates your attention from sleeping and engage your mind in activity going around. So should be sure that your room should be free from distractions!

9. Change eating habits:

The food person eats in the evening has an impact on sleep. Taking a heavy meal before sleep disrupts the sleeping ability as food approximately takes 2-3 hours to digest. So avoid heavy meals before sleeping!

10. Invest in Comfy Bedding:

A quality mattress that suits your sleeping style is also essential for comfortable sleep along with good stuff pillows and bed linen. So these can also make you fall asleep quickly.

11. Selecting the comfortable position:

A comfortable position for sleeping is the key factor for sleeping quickly. Everybody has his own sleeping position according to his own liking. If you find difficulty in selecting the best position for you to sleep, try all and choose the one you are comfortable with. Good sleeping position will prevent you from rolling on your bed which hampers the sleeping process.

12. Avoid watching something before sleep:

“You’re stimulating the wake centers with the blue light from your
electronics,” Dr. Rosen says.

Exposure to this specific wavelength disrupts the normal sleep-wake cycle. Put down tablets, TVs, and phones at least 30 minutes before bedtime to minimize the effects, the American Academy for Sleep Medicine (AASM) advises.

13. Shower at night:

Taking shower before sleep can relax your body and prepares you for sleep.

14. Drink some milk:

“Milk contains the protein α-lactalbumin. This protein contains high amounts of the amino acid tryptophan, which produces melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep,” says Dr. Winter.

Studies show that a diet rich in tryptophan including egg whites etc. can help boost sleep.

15. Sleep in Cooler Temperature:

Studies show that colder temps are good for sleep. This helps in lowering body internal temperature and promotes sleep.

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