For marketers looking to brainstorm new ideas and come up with exciting campaigns, this article is for you. APAC’s top Google searches provide key insights that can help ensue a consumer-centric approach. Marketing professionals will have to look beyond products and services. The report suggests ‘getting to know your consumers’ instead of fulfilling a need or want.

If you’re looking to tap into the consumer trends in the Asia-Pacific region, knowing the top Google searches is essential. Discover what people are searching for and how you can target those searches more effectively with your marketing efforts.

Soul Searching

People in general are trying to find their place in the world. As dramatic as this sounds, they are trying to discover who they want to be. For a better company-consumer sync, marketers need to think beyond ‘what they offer’. The report further provides information regarding people identifying with local as well as a global cultures. Such as; Korean popular music (Kpop) has become a global sensation. People from all over the world search for seasoned Korean artists and attend their tours. Coke Studio’s season 14 song “Pasoori” by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill became a global sensation. Not only this, Pasoori became the most searched song in 2022 and the first Pakistani song to enter YouTube’s global top music videos chart

Uphold mental and physical health

APAC’s searches conclude people are giving importance to their mental and physical health. People no longer conform to societal constructs but rather ensue personal happiness. The report suggests popular searches revolving around ‘how to handle stress’ and ‘healing’. People now look for jobs pertaining to their own fulfillment instead of compliance. Work-life balance is the key for companies to pursue. For instance, Amazon has an amazing self-guided digital mental health care service. Facebook has a  dedicated gym space to maintain physical health. 

To come up with an effective brand strategy marketers will have to engage a diverse audience. This includes social strata, gender identity, spirituality, and personal well-being. There’s a term called inclusive marketing which should be the focus to strategize. Inclusive marketing refers to diversity in marketing campaigns. In this way, companies can appeal to a larger audience belonging from different cultures, locations, and ethnicities. 

Hunt for Value

Gone are the days when people used to buy products to uphold their social status. Consumers alike are now rethinking how to spend their money effectively. People are now rationalizing their choices which revolve around value rather than spending money nefariously. Previously, when Apple used to release a new iPhone, People would flock over and buy it instead of weighing their options. 

However, now with the help of technology, people are doing their research. Their search interest ensue ‘price of goods’ and ‘second-hand commodities’ to keep things affordable. Although late, people are discovering sustainability which is better for the environment as well. Marketers’ rationale should include ‘care’ and ‘trust’. People are actively looking for companies that revolve around providing the right deals that reciprocate value. 

Finding joy amid economic crisis

The global recession has taken a toll over everyone’s mental health. There is no doubt, rising inflation and unemployment is making our lives difficult. As despairing as this sounds, people are still determined to live. They are trying to find happiness in little things that matter. Such as spending quality family time at a small restaurant. Or trying to ensue new experiences that do not cost much such as; live music and theater. Search interest also indicates people searching for travel plans in a set budget. 

Not only this, but people are also digitizing their well-being. There has been a surge in finding doctors or medical services online. In this way, they get to save on rising fuel costs. Marketers need to pursue an omnichannel approach. Through this, consumers will have a seamless shopping experience not only online but offline as well leading to better engagement.  

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