Since its inception, Coke Studio Pakistan has been enamoring people with its music. This year too, Coke Studio Season 14 has been making waves all over the globe. From the likes of ‘Tu Jhoom’ to balochi fusion “kana Yaari’ to Atif Aslam’s rap in ‘Sajan Das Na’ to the soulful “Mehram”, every composition has been winning hearts. This is just the start. Coke Studio has a diverse line-up of artists this season which has made everyone excited.

However, this season offers more than music. In order to promote their platform, Coke Studio has integrated marketing both on social media and Out-of-home (OOH) advertising. The latter refers to the process of reaching consumers outside their home. Technically this includes billboards, bus stands, benches, and everything in between. Over the years OOH has garnered immense attention from marketers and advertisers alike. The report suggests more than 60% of smartphone users ensue ‘purchase decision’ after interacting with an OOH campaign. This form of advertising is now taking precedence in Pakistan too. 

Through this, Coke Studio is not only promoting this season but is also showcasing their fan love. Their OOH campaign includes billboards displaying fan comments made over the years. Not only this, their official Instagram showcases the audience’s utmost love for their compositions. From recreating songs, to voiceovers to simple words of appreciation, Coke Studio Season 14 has literally become the ‘Sound of Nation’.