Huawei, one of the most competitive consumer electronics manufacturer in the world. Huawei is tactfully taking over the phone industry in Pakistan. Its incredible phone designs, the mind-blowing affordable prices, best of the technology, and above all its exhilarating marketing strategy for all mobile phones including Huawei Y7 Prime has won the hearts of phone freaks and most importantly, the youth of Pakistan.

Huawei’s enthralling marketing strategy has created a hype all over the internet. Other than social media and TVCs Huawei Y7 Prime has made use of “Influencers” very smartly for their marketing campaign.

The prominent YouTubers and social influencers famous among the Pakistani Youth have been selected for the campaign i.e. Taimoor Salahuddin, Irfan Junejo, etc.

Moreover, Huawei has yet marketed its phone by sponsoring Mangobaaz’s videos on youtube, which is a Pakistani Internet Media Company based in Lahore.

Huawei has targeted the youth in particular. It has reached its audience in every way possible. Which is, therefore, aiding the company to create a massive acquiescence among the youth. This helps the emerging mobile phone giant in building a positive brand image as well.

The company is equipping their phones with the latest specs and features at a minimal price unlike the phone giants Apple and Samsung which have their market offerings for somewhat whopping price tags. This is thereby a competitive edge through which Huawei is being so far successful in getting a lion’s share in the Pakistani phone market.

Huawei used the strategy of sponsoring influencers from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, their videos, giveaways, etc. Huawei has ensured an eminent brand positioning in consumers’ minds. Make sure you stay up-to-date with all the latest marketing-related news by following us on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn.