Google said the bug has been fixed that was active between Nov.12 & Nov.13 2018. “As a result of this bug there has been no other unauthorized access to Google Analytics or Search Console accounts”

In automatic owner verification process between Google Analytics and Google Search Console, Google administrators notifying bug in it.

Why you should be aware and take care ?

For Tech users this bug is another example of causing privacy issues. As per the Google: emails of google analytics administrator sent to search console who had not been marked as owner, but added the administrator’s site.  In this bug other than the email address no data was disclosed.

More about to enable Search Console in Data Analytics:

  • Enable the setting of search console in Data Analytics property settings
  • When you add your search console to your google analytics, historical search console data will also be available in your google analytics reports and is effected by two factors one is Date and other is Time

Google Search Console is the best way to make your site out stand in the Google search engine and it’s reports and tools helps in evaluating the performance of your site. As per the site analytics you can optimize your site content accordingly.

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