Looking forward to leaving a lasting impression on your followers in 2020?  Read about tools and Creative Apps most used by Instagram Influencers:

We have got you covered. 2020 is all about being simplistic and getting your message across effectively. No one is looking for heavily edited ads or posts. 2020, will be all about connecting with your followers, bridging the gap and creating a common ground. Which is why influencer marketing took heed in 2019. There are some good tools and creative apps available which Instagram influencers effectively use.

Influencers basically provide their honest opinions about a brand and bridge the gap between the company and its consumers. Companies these days employ influencers to act as their brand ambassadors instead of high profile celebrities. No doubt, this strategy has worked for many brands including, Aodour, DECIEM, Huda Beauty, Sephora and many more. Here is a list of tools and creative apps used by influencers for their insta-profile. This will also help companies to strategize their content and social media game plan.

Scheduling Posts

Post scheduling apps are on the rise for Instagram influencers. Such as preview, gramblr, and planoly. Instagram doesn’t have post scheduling options for its users or business profiles. Thus, most influencers download a third-party app to post their videos and stories on their profiles. Scheduling posts on Facebook and Twitter has never been a problem. They have an extensive list of tools available fo their business managers or users to ensue.

Photo editing

Photo editing tools have always been in the zone. Especially Adobe photoshop and Adobe lightroom. The trend went an all high when celebrities decided to post their edited pictures on their Instagram profiles, in comparison to their unedited pictures. This was most likely done to make their users feel comfortable in their skin. However, photo editing isn’t going out of fashion anytime soon. Instagram became a hit after it released its various photo editing tools and enamouring filters. 


Canva is a great application to create collages, pictures or documents. They also have templates available for various timelines and social media platforms. For Instagram alone, they have numerous pictures and pre-designed templates that will help make your profile stand out amongst others. You can also edit the templates easily. Add your own pictures, insert texts, emojis, and graphics. Also, the best thing about Canva is that it is extremely easy to use. 

Auto Hash

We all know Instagram is incomplete without hashtags. So to make things easier, there is a useful app called auto hash for your posts. Hashtags enable customer engagement. An important metric to pursue successful campaigns. Also, companies can improve their organic reach via hashtags. Auto hash is the easiest way to find relevant and trending hashtags relevant to your post. The app also allows you to save your most used hashtags as well. 

You can employ various tools and third-party apps for your profile. But everything will go in vain if you do not understand or interpret analytics. So make sure to devise your strategy according to your post engagement, insights and reach.