The year 2020 is only a few days away! Every social media expert and digital marketers are gearing and churning up new predictions about social media. Mainly what new updates and features will Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn will bring. Obviously, December is the Winter holiday season but also the season of predictions. Experts are coming aboard with their opinions about what the year will ensue. Here are the top 5 predictions of social media marketing in 2020 that you need to know now:

Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency 

Facebook obviously is at the top of the prediction list. By 2020, Facebook will ensue a more regulatory framework which will include the introduction of Libra cryptocurrency.  Facebook has already provided a detailed documentation on the Libra currency. The purpose of bringing a cryptocurrency is to ensue fee-free funds transfer and expand more options and purposes in the future via this digital currency. Libra will be managed via Calibra, a Facebook subsidiary. Calibra will ensue smoother transaction with just a few taps. You will also be able to transfer Libra via your smartphones. Other options include paying bills, scanning your code to buy coffee or a ticket for public transport. This will help eliminate the need for a metro pass as well. 

Augmented Reality is gaining momentum 

We are already familiar with augmented reality. Both Snapchat and Instagram ensue various filters with augmented reality. Who can forget the gender swap filter on Snapchat? That filter is basically the highlight of 2019. Snapchat is known for its creative innovation. They have then and again experimented with augmented reality and have brought in a revolution. These days the age modifying filter is gaining a lot of popularity. However, augmented reality is one of the top predictions made by experts. A lot of companies and customers alike can benefit from it. Major cosmetic companies such as Kylie cosmetics, Sephora and Nars ensue Instagram and Snapchat with filters. In this way consumers can test via filters whether particular shade will suit them or not. 

Cross platform Messaging or Messenger 

This isn’t much of a prediction, because Facebook already confirmed the news. They plan to bring in a comprehensive platform which will ensue cross stream messaging. They plan to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger. However, this is most likely to happen in 2020. Many people believe that they integration will be haphazard. However, Facebook ensures that the platform will be seamless. And will also include additional features and tools for consumers. Also, they might integrate Calibra in the platform. In this way consumers will be able to facilitate payments easily. 

Instagram will be trending

Even in 2019, Instagram remained one of the top trending social platforms. With close competition with TikTok. However, Instagram predictions include a large focus on user health and wellbeing. Facebook already took a first step towards improving user health. By removing or hiding likes and counts on videos and posts. However, this change sparked a lot of debate on social media. but Instagram has no plans of slowing down. They aim to ensue additional features to improve user wellbeing and self esteem.


Experts believe that Twitter will bring in a lot of changes in 2020. Only last month, Twitter introduced the option to follow topics rather than users. This step will ensue user engagement and improve knowledge sharing. Another big change predicted is the removal of ‘retweet function’. Secondly, restrict tweets to specific hashtags and users/followers only. This is done to target specific audience only, a great step for business profiles. Other changes include ‘tweet streaming’. This step will further Twitter’s video content strategy. Another trend to look out for in 2020. 

Hopefully, the predictions stated in this blog takes precedence in 2020!