As digitalization is proliferating day by day, the integrated marketing has been evolving ever since and providing marketing pros with dynamic platforms all over the world.

In today’s era, it has been challenging for people to catch up to everything as there is no end to the uninterrupted advancement of technology, and therefore, core marketing.

In order to get a little a sneak peek into the marketing world, here we have a list of the few fantastic marketing blogs you should follow to keep up with the marketing world’s pace.

1.     HubSpot:

It was in 2006 when HubSpot first started its journey into the marketing insights and which also attracted people from all over the world to impart their knowledge about marketing, entrepreneurship, business, and many more things to the world who is seeking for it.

2.     Moz

Moz Blogs has changed the parameters of digital marketing by playing a tremendously positive role in shaping amateur marketers’ way of thinking and of course, the perspective of inbound marketing as a whole. It has some incredibly talented people under the roof which helps you evolve your business and marketing strategies like no other.


This platform is a major contributor towards educating Pakistan’s youth about technology, marketing, and business. It keeps you updated on the news related to International firms as well as that of Pakistan, therefore making you up-to-date to the local affairs and the trends in the market.

4.     Buffer Social

This platform has taken the world with a storm since 2015. It has become one of the leading software applications of social media and has been educating the world with its pro-guidelines ever since.


Just like, has been focusing on educating youth about business, marketing insights, technology, automobiles, and a lot more. It has been a platform where you can get updated about what is happening in the world of Marketing as well as you can get notified of the day-to-day activities happening in the country or worldwide related to technology, social media, etc.

6. PromiAD (Exploring  WOW!)

PromiAD is the premier platform that helps marketers to master the art & science of marketing with cutting-edge research to embrace success in real-world practicality. PromiAD combines the latest thinking with hands-on experience to inspire and elevate performance in both personal & professional domains.