ow that’s great news, isn’t it? The Ufone users felt completely left out when the other networks launched their 4G networks and they had no choice but to stick to 2G/3G. But now it has been briefed by their management team that they are upgrading their network services, and although their roll-out plan has not yet been confirmed, 4G is available right now for the citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. And it will be available in all the other major cities in a couple of days, probably till next week.

Now that they have started to provide a 4G network, many users might have to change their sims or may want to check if their previous sim is compatible with the new technology or not. In order to see if 4G is working on your existing sim, dial *4# and you will be notified if your sim and your device are 4G compatible or not. And also, it will confirm 4G coverage in your area. After dialing *4#, a notification will pop up on your screen like this:

Ufone upgraded to 4G/LTE

As per our information, 4G can only be accessed in Rawalpindi and Islamabad because it is still in the testing phase. With a first launch in the major cities and then all over Pakistan It will be officially launched across the country.

The users who are going to activate their sims to use 4G in the premises of Rwp/Isb, would have to first check their sim and device compatibility, otherwise, they will be required to buy a new sim. We kid you not, this 4G experience is not something you’ll want to let go off, so don’t waste time and grab your new 4G SIMS now!

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