If you are aware of the renowned Amazon Alexa or we can say Alexa then here’s good news for you. Amazon after its annual event held this Wednesday decided to bring some changes in its visual assistance. It came up with the feature to add the voice of everyone’s favorite Samuel L.
Jackson. Now you can enjoy his voice with your weather forecasting.

Although, this feature doesn’t have the actor himself speaking and repeating ad nauseam. But Amazon used the neural text-to-speech technology to replicate his voice. Yes, a very unique and innovative idea but it left every user in a complete wow.

The Samuel L. Jackson Alexa personality is launching later this year. Anyone who buys it in 2019 will get it for just $0.99. Humorously, there will be explicit and non-explicit versions of his voice available for use.

Besides this, another feature of the “deep learning model” is going to be part of the Amazon family in the coming year, says the Amazon owner. This feature will have the ability to sense the user behavior and vocal inflexions.

In addition to that, Amazon is working on making Alexa more user- friendly with increased privacy as well. Like, the users can ask the device “Alexa, tell me what you heard” and in return,
they’ll receive the reply “Read back your last voice command”.

Moreover, Amazon will also add the “Alexa, why did you do that?” command later in this year. So that Alexa can explain her most recent responses to the user. Also, Amazon made the update of auto-deleting the recordings of user choice though the Privacy Hub. The items which are 3 months – 18 weeks old are automatically submitted for permanent removal from the device with user acceptance. So, your very own Alexa will come with better features to amuse you in the best way possible.

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