In the much anticipated royal visit, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Royal Couple) will be heading to Pakistan on a 4-day tour from October 14-18. During their visit, the Duke and Duchess will be visiting Islamabad, Lahore as well as the Northern Areas of Pakistan during their stay. “This is the most complex tour undertaken by the Duke and Duchess to date, given the logistical and security considerations”, a statement released by their communication secretary.

Throughout their visit, the Royal couple will visit events that empower Pakistani youth. They will see how different communities in Pakistan are adapting to climate change. The couple will also spend time understanding the security picture of Pakistan. Learning more about the challenges of the Past and Present faced by Pakistan is on their agenda as well. The couple is also expected to meet children and young people, government personalities, inspirational cultural figures, and sports stars. Kensington Palace also released notes that while the trip is expected to pay respect to Pakistani culture, its norms and the historic British-Pakistani relationships, it will focus more on “showcasing Pakistan as it is today”. While the specifics of Duke and Duchess’s haven’t been announced yet, we do know that they will be making stops in Islamabad, Lahore and at an undisclosed location in the country’s beautiful Northern Areas.

This will be Prince William’s first state tour of Pakistan. Although, members of the British Royal family has visited in the Past. The most recent being Prince Charles and Camilla Parker in 2006. It will be the first Royal couple visit to Pakistan in 13 years.