One of the world’s most popular messaging services, WhatsApp has launched the fingerprint lock feature for Android. Above all, this feature is meant to provide an extra level of security to its users. The Facebook-owned platform had earlier introduced the feature on iOS devices. The update doesn’t available in all regions yet. But once it arrives WhatsApp says you will be able to have an extra level of security similar to what you might find in any banking app. Using this feature now you can secure your WhatsApp with fingerprint scan which makes the app more secure.

Turning the feature on means you’ll need to use your fingerprint to unlock the app even after unlocking your phone. It’s an extra level of security similar to what you might find in a banking app. The feature doesn’t occlude calls, but it does hide messages and other logs behind another layer of security. This feature is always a nice option to have. To prevent the WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature dialog from appearing every time, users can also set a timer on the feature to appear.

To enable it:

WhatsApp introduces fingerprint lock feature
Image developed by PromiAD

And that is it. This is the method of setting WhatsApp fingerprint lock. (Learn more about how to enable the setting).

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