It has been announced that a new option has been decided to be added in the ‘vehicle type’ portion. Careem is going an extra mile to cater to its ‘elite’ audience. Careem is launching Business Plus in the coming few days.

It has been suspected that the cars are definitely going to be “beyond the ordinary” as Careem is hoping to provide its customers with the best of experience while taking a ride.

The target audience must be elite and upper class. An average citizen can’t think of affording cars like Toyota corolla Grande, Honda Civic, or Toyota Camry.

In another perspective, this could be an offering made for people who want to go to a place that is very special, be it an event, or anything you want to make memorable.

The Business Plus option would be to attract the niche which didn’t use to avail the services of Careem. They will be assured of getting the best and the most comfortable riding experience.

This feature has yet not gone live for as now, but is expected to be launched in the coming few days.