Instagram was first developed in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger. The application, however, took the media industry by storm. The idea was to let people know your story through pictures and videos. The application also featured numerous filters and editing tools to revamp your pictures. The whole interface provided a sense of grandiose for its users and followers alike. The app soon became a direct competitor to Facebook before being sold at the US $1 billion. Here is why you need an Instagram Profile for your Business?

After the deal, Instagram has since gone through major changes. Users can upload short stories for 24 hours. Also, archive posts, make live videos and add various motions to make their stories interactive. Moreover,  Instagram now features ‘augmented reality’. A huge edge for companies to acknowledge. Similar to virtual reality- augmented reality helps consumers make the final purchase decision. For instance, Sephora, a multinational chain of personal and beauty care can reach potential customers via this feature. In augmented reality, users can upload their pictures with filters that can help determine whether a certain lipstick shade or color would suit them. For people living in Pakistan who obviously has to make do with ordering makeup online can benefit from this as well. This isn’t necessarily limited to makeup. Other companies can benefit from this marketing technique as well. 

The power of ‘#hashtags’

Never underestimate the power of hashtags (#). Companies and individuals alike use hashtags to enable engagement on their Instagram profile stories. Research indicates a single hashtag can increase engagement by 12%. Why is this important? Through this, you can improve your organic reach and drive traffic to your profile. Especially, if you have a business profile. Certain insights provided by Instagram can help your brand strategically. Such as profile visits, contact number, directions to your office location and how your ads are performing. Besides this, Instagram analytics can help companies know, how well their brand strategy is working out. 

How to increase your organic reach through Instagram

Organic reach can help provide important marketing insights for your business. Companies can identify their top-performing posts. They can also identify who their top customers and influencers are. Moreover, companies can also find great suggestions directly posted by their consumers. This by far helps companies with their brand strategy. Here are some tips that can help improve your organic reach:

  • Create brand awareness by what ‘you strongly believe in’. For instance, a new company can start by telling their story, hurdles, and journey towards setting up a business. This will most likely help consumers relate to the brand.
  • Know and identify your hashtags. A travel and tourism company can use a variety of hashtags for its posts. Including city, country, historical monuments, descriptive hashtags and much more. 
  • There is a difference in posting ‘consistently’ and ‘continuously’. Bombarding your business profile with posts can confuse your followers. And can result in a failed campaign
  • Try and introduce exciting stories. The same kind of content wouldn’t keep your follower’s attention intact. Make sure to sit back and analyze your content on a daily basis. Having short videos, spice it up with filters and ask for more suggestions from your influencers.
  • Make sure to ‘reply’ to users commenting on your posts. This will not only improve engagement and reach but will add a personal touch too.
  • ‘Instagram stories’ is a great way to interact with. They last up to 24 hours. Try and be creative with your content. Famous companies such as Nike sports and Adidas post stories frequently to create awareness.
  • ‘Tag‘ relevant people on your posts. Many companies ensue ‘post tagging tactics’. They create a post and ask followers to tag their friends. This helps increase organic reach as well as the number of followers. 

Strategies to improve ‘paid’ campaign on Instagram

Here is how you can effectively improve your paid campaigns and advertising:

  • Strategically use your hashtags. The aim isn’t bombarding your posts with the highest number of hashtags. Research and choose only  9 to 10 hashtags per post. This will help improve your chances to target the right audience. 
  • Use analytics to find the right time when your audience is most active. This will help your paid campaign reach its potential. 
  • A successful paid post can help your brand be featured on the explore tab. This tab enables users to follow and watch new content. 
  • Paid ads work best if there is a contest involved. People love free stuff! This marketing tactic will help you gain new followers. Also, improve brand awareness. Try and announce the winner on a live story this will help with the authenticity of your contest.
  • Use granular targets for your advertisement. Make sure to set your metrics right. This includes choosing the right demographics, location, and interest. 

Instagram can help build your brand. It can provide useful insights and help communicate a visual representation of your products or services. Instagram can also ensure a much-needed boost to your brand and marketing strategy. However, success is always dependent upon the content you create! So do it wisely and smartly.