The month of November ensues mind-blowing deals! We all know the global event black Friday happens in this month. In Pakistan, the event is being celebrated as White Friday. Both of which ensure exciting deals and major discounts on your favorite products. People all over the world have their lists ready for the Black Friday event. Most people ensure their Christmas and Thanksgiving shopping spree on this day! If you have an online presence, YouTube has got you covered. Make sure to get the most out of your limited ad creative using YouTube:

What is ‘in’ this season

In a matter of a few days, the Black Friday event will commence. If you are already advertising extensively on social media platforms, make sure to implement a few further steps for a successful campaign. Even if your ad creative is limited, fret not, test a few different features to get the most out of it. Firstly, the winter vacations are upon us. Many companies ensure seasonal products and services to boost their sales. Also, consumer behavior shows that people love buying seasonal or limited edition products. Especially pertaining to cosmetics. Thus, utilize the site search. Set up an account on google analytics and analyze the search queries similar to your business. This particular feature can help with useful insights. Which can help decide what is ‘in’ this season. 

Create a custom intent audience

Create a custom intent audience based on the site search conducted. For YouTube, the custom intent audience is actually based on searches made by people using Make sure your site search is up to the mark! Also, do some research and find out the keywords of the top-selling products last year. This will help define your target market. Moreover, you will be able to create custom audiences for similar products and variants. 

Use call to action buttons

Make sure to ensue the call to action extensions on your visuals. Even if your creative is limited or you are running out of time, these call to action buttons can help ensue traffic to your website. Test different calls to action buttons on youtube to avoid any redirection errors. Better yet, ensue last year’s video campaign on YouTube for this year with little changes to your creative. This will help users identify easily and remember their experience whilst ordering products via the website. A great way to send a subliminal message too! Furthermore, make your deals and discount offers attractive. The holiday season ensues major competition. Before you finalize, do review what your competitors are offering.

Do not fret if you feel insecure about your ad creative. People are extremely busy exploring different deals and discounts already. Thus, your only aim is to make your point loud and clear. And this definitely includes getting your message across effectively!