A new wave of digitization. Facebook in its latest update merges Instagram and Messenger platforms together. Users after the update will receive a pop-up notification that will list down exciting features. Which includes colorful and bright looks, give reactions to messages with a variety of emoticons, and chat with Facebook friends.

Integrating chat-based platforms

The idea of integrating chat-based platforms have long been floating around. Previously many mobile applications catered integrating chats with SMS. However, the idea was deemed rather haphazard by many users. But the social media giant has come up with an interactive idea for both android and iOS devices terming it as ‘new way to message on Instagram’.

Once the user is done updating their apps their regular direct messages (DM) icon will be replaced by the Facebook messenger logo. Also, keeping in view the colorful panorama of Instagram chat, the new update will ensue a more lively and flamboyant chatting experience. But for now, it isn’t possible to message Facebook users from Instagram. More updates and features will roll out subsequently.

Moreover, this is just the beginning. Facebook has made it clear that it will merge chatting/messaging platforms together. Not only this, but the social media giant has been busy building an infrastructure to support this as well. The purpose is to let users under the Facebook umbrella (Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp) connect with each other using a single dias. Further, plans include integrating with Apple’s iMessage that will lead to a digitized collective.  Pertaining to privacy measures, there will be the end to end encryption.