Today 14 August, 2020 is Pakistan’s 73rd Independence Day. Let’s not forget how our ancestors sacrificed their lives for us to have a safe haven to call home. Pakistanis are geared up for tomorrow to celebrate our green homeland. From enthusiastic parades to green flags holstered high to decorating streets, everything will posit the significance of this day with reverence and love.

Let’s celebrate the spirit of Independence with four notable things about Pakistan:

Tourist spots in Pakistan

Pakistan is undoubtedly an epitome of beauty. The northern areas are known for their crystal blue lakes, lofty mountain peaks and picturesque beauty. Places like Hunza, Skardu, Naran and many more have made it the list of must-visit tourist spots. From lush green forests to flowing streams to surreal wilderness everything reverberates natural beauty at its finest.

Foods of Pakistan

Second on our list is mouthwatering and delicious Pakistani cuisines. Many international tourists visit Pakistan to eat Karachi’s famous ‘Student biryani’ and enjoy pipping hot tea. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. From hot buttery nan to spicy barbecue to desi quormas, Pakistani food is an experience that will leave you reeling in flavors.

Culture of Pakistan

Four provinces, two autonomous territories and one federal capital, every area reverberates beauty and culture. There are so many traditions, cultures and diversity residing in Pakistan. For instance, Sindhi’s are known for their handicrafts and traditional ‘Saraiki topi’. Whereas, Punjabis are known for their love for food and agricultural affinity. Besides cultural diversity, Pakistan is also home to different religious minorities. The white part of the flag is a notion to the latter. 

Economic progress in Pakistan

Our country is known for agriculture and agri-products. This sector is the backbone of our country and also ensues a major role in our exports. Not only this, but the COVID-19 situation provided an opportunity to our country to explore other industries too which includes manufacturing ventilators and critical medical equipment. Moreover, locally manufactured leather and sports apparel have made it to international platforms FIFA world cup.