The Trainers Resource Group (TRG) is a leading business process outsourcing company. The firm’s focus has always been to strengthen and deliver top-notch learning towards digitization. Not only this, but the firm aims to train enthusiastic talent to drive economic growth and national progress. In order to further their objective, TRG is holding a full-fledged six-day digital learning festival from 10 till 15 August called ‘LearnFest Digital 2020’.

The aim is to help people navigate crises as posit by the global rampant pandemic. In actuality, when the first outbreak happened none of the countries were prepared to tackle the situation heads on. Thus, the theme component of the LearnFest is not only to navigate but also to emerge stronger from the challenging situation.

Learning in Crisis, During a Crisis: the Pandemic

The theme of the six-day digital learning is: ‘Learning in Crisis, During a Crisis: the pandemic. The theme comprehensively covers important pointers and thought processes for attendees. Besides this, the event ensues experienced speakers as well. They will be giving advice about how to tackle, resolve, and assist in staying physically, emotionally, and mentally stable whilst dealing with difficulties. Moreover, there will be sessions on technological innovation and demos, that will help people cope up with the new normal.

Objectives of LearnFest 2020

Participants will also get to interact and resonate with each other. Other than this, the event will bridge the gap between providers and seekers. Also, share learning capabilities, insights, and innovations in development for future professionals. Moreover, foster young minds and skills in order to stay prepared for future situations as such.

Digital Learning Festival Event Plan 

The Digital Learning Festival will start with a Keynote session, wherein, attendees will get to understand the underlying theme from high profile guests and people belonging from different walks of life. The next part of an event ensues an expert panel which includes; innovators, celebrities, and figureheads. There is a workshop catering general audience that will help train them about patience, perseverance, and practice. Also, motivating sessions on success stories will enamor participants fully.