ocial Media brings in new updates daily. So, social media and digital experts need to be up to date on a daily basis. However, fret not, if you have missed an important update! Here is a round-up of important social media news  and briefs for you to go through:

LinkedIn addresses fake accounts and spams this week

LinkedIn has recently released its transparency report. The report includes information and efforts to remove fake accounts. Further actions have been taken after receiving input from users and government officials. This is definitely good news! as LinkedIn is now a safer space for job hunt and discussions alike. According to the transparency report, almost 21 million fake accounts and 60 million spam has been effectively removed. Recently, an issue had resurfaced regarding fake job postings and harassment. Seeing this, LinkedIn has successfully removed 16000 posts to ensue better experience.

YouTube addresses creative burnout

Creativity is never-ending. However, it is understandable that creative burnout can happen to anyone. Not everyone can come up with stunning visuals and eye-catching content. They are bound to have a ‘blockage’ one way or the other. Seeing this, YouTube CEO posted a letter about the ‘ongoing challenges of creator burnout’. To level the playing field, the CEO says that a company can still manage its growth curve even if no new content has been created. The letter also included creator frustrations around platform updates as well. To address this, YouTube is working towards making things easier for social media experts. Also, YouTube will bring features that will form more exciting content and make things easier for advertisers. 

Facebook brings a new dating feature

Facebook dating now allows users to add their live stories on their dating profiles. This feature has been introduced to provide a more natural personalization to the profile. This also gives a better impression to people interested in you as a person. They get to know more about your lifestyle and day to day activities. This feature can also act as ‘shortlisting potential mates’ as well. 

Advertisers can now access status monitor on Facebook

This is a great update for social media managers or advertisers! Facebook has introduced a status monitor. This particular feature provides information regarding the current advertisement featured on your page. If for instance, your ad is experiencing issues, the status monitor will conveniently inform you in a timely manner. The status monitor will also provide useful insights regarding ad reporting, editing tools, and ad creation. Also, Facebook is now working towards simplifying lookalike audiences. They are planning to remove the location field used by advertisers to create a lookalike audience. For now, they are ensuing ad sets that use location as the means to create a lookalike audience. In this way, an extra step has been removed and the process will be simplified. 

You can now schedule tweets on Twitter and report abusive content

Twitter has been in the news for a while. Their new policy is to completely ban political ads. In this way, Twitter is now promoting a free space where you can voice your opinions. Also, to amp up your experience, Twitter will now be removing abusive content from its platform. This also includes borderline harassment and obscenity in posts. Moreover, social media experts can now schedule their tweets beforehand. This feature was much needed and will enable a better flow of information for a business profile. 

Let’s see how these updates pan out for advertisers and experts alike. What are your views about the new updates this month? Stay tuned for updated social media news.