We all know the rising popularity of social media platforms in this era. Experts have already predicted that in 2020, social media marketing will take heed and precedence. So gear up, here are four social media platforms that you need to add to your marketing goals for 2020:


TikTok has been the talk of the town. The app alone has Instagram running for its money. Users basically, record videos that play on a loop. Thus, making it the number one application for viral content. Users can also add filters, music and fun effects to make it more amusing. Companies with a target market and demographics of teenagers to mid-twenties can definitely use TikTok to grab their attention. As of now, the app has 1.5 billion users around the world and no mean of stopping.


Vero app is a more simple yet effective alternative to Instagram. The best thing is users won’t find any advertisements, algorithms and data mining tools on the app. Instead, users get to share their raw side of their lives openly. Including pictures, posts, videos and their interests. Users can also easily post their views about TV shows, movies and the books they are reading. Vero also has privacy features for their users including posting for best friends/public/private story. Companies looking to get to know their users more can definitely use Vero to their advantage. Companies can pursue users with similar interests to pitch in their product offering. 


Steemit is a blogging and social media site. This may sound boring but if you publish your content on Steemit you will be rewarded with cryptocurrency known as STEEM. All you need to do is come up with great content ideas and be creative with words. If your blog gets upvoted or you upvote a users blog, you will be rewarded with STEEM. Although Steemit has a limited user base for now. If you want an additional platform to publish your content and be creative this is a great platform. 


We all know how important caffeine is in our lives. So this application is mainly for chai-o-holics or coffee lovers. The distinction, however, is primarily funny. But if you are an adrenaline-filled person who loves sports, entertainment, and gaming then caffeine app is for you. The platform ensues social broadcasting, a term taking precedence in the coming years. You can easily live-stream your interests and chat with your followers at the same time. Also, the app has emoji reactions too! Get aboard the ‘interactive train’ with caffeine. 

However, the applications may be great but this does not mean that you need to add all four in your marketing arsenal. All you need to for now is read, research and experiment. Add only one application for now and learn how it works.