Ramadan is only a few days away.  This year, however,  due to the novel coronavirus things seem chaotic and panicky. But fret not, we are in this together. During this Holy season let’s try and keep a positive attitude for the future ahead and ensue a more optimistic outlook. Also, make sure to guide people around you during this Holy month Ramadan. What’s better than helping each other out in togetherness?

Ramadan Digital Campaign Ideas

Digitization and Content creation 

However, pertaining to the COVID-19 situation everything has shifted to the internet. From studies to office work to a simple conversation. Having reliable internet access is a necessity especially when the business dynamics have changed and are now heavily reliant upon digitization. It is recommended that professionals adapt quickly in order to stay on top of the competition. But during such challenging times, a new strategy needs to be adopted which includes strengthening your content plan to get your message across effectively. 

Content Marketing Strategy In Ramadan 

The best way to do this is to come up with future objectives. Every social media platform has a comprehensive calendar which the strategists can use for their benefit. Make sure to jot down your ideas on it and ask your team to brainstorm around it. Secondly, your content needs to have some value. Which includes being empathetic and helpful in times like these. Thus, whatever you communicate to make sure to be compassionate and considerate. 

For instance, if you are a fashion brand make sure to let people know some of your sale proceedings will go to impoverished and needy who are suffering the most due to global pandemic. Brands like Lulusar, Asim Jofa, Ethnic and many more have stepped up and manufacturing protective gear for healthcare workers who are at the front line of the COVID-19. Make sure your content strategy revolves around the current situation and bring out the trust factor which your audience is proactively looking out for. 

Your demographic is the key to content strategy

Also, as you are heavily reliant on the internet so is your audience, therefore, implement strategies to be more tech-savvy. Make sure to understand who your particular demographic is, and what tech mediums do they prefer. Furthermore, if your business is heavily reliant on social media platforms including Instagram and Twitter then you already know the importance of hashtags. Use relevant hashtags that are trending and try and add value to the information being exchanged. 

The month of Ramadan will be all about praying and forgiveness. Make sure to ensue your part as an ethical enterprise and play your part accordingly.