‘There was a man with a deep dark secret.. if he reveals it, his whole world will explode.”

Now the above line would intrigue anyone. They would want to know who the man is, what his secret is and most importantly what would happen once his secret is revealed. Similarly, content marketing follows the same suit. Customers or users alike need to be kept ‘on the edge of their seats’.  In this era, people ask for more than just simple information or data. Also, promotional lines or messages are totally out of date! consumers look for new ideas, knowledge, and accessibility. In other words, people love stories! And this is exactly what your content marketing strategy should be.

Storytelling is a powerful tool

Pursue people and users with amusing content. Make sure to adopt a storytelling strategy if you have an Instagram and Facebook business profile/page. Also, use the stories option for users to watch and know more about your brand.  Ensue a strategy that has more storytelling and less promotional vibe. People have a curious nature. They basically enjoy narratives and stories. This will increase engagement on your posts as well. And amusing plus captivating stories will entertain them as well. 

Moreover, a good content strategy with storytelling prowess will lead to trust and brand loyalty. Also if a company promotes personal experiences and stories for its users. They will feel entitled and special. Also, such narratives will decrease your bounce rate. Customers or users alike will engage and ask for more similar content to be published. This will serve as a common ground for you and your users. 

Furthermore, People get bored with statistics or financials. How much profit or sales you made won’t intrigue people. Publishing dry statistics will make customers lose attention very quickly. Instead, look for an exciting way to grab your consumer’s attention. For instance post a live story of your favorite influencer who can, in a fun way, tell people about your statistics. And in the end, offer viewers a surprise basket.

People are more receptive to influencers. And perceptive towards storytelling. A research conducted by the Journal of Marketing Theory indicated that people are more intrigued by the structure of the post. And people like stories more than simple messages. This is because we are social creatures. We love getting to know about people, compare ourselves to them and feel a connection. The same goes for a brand. If companies ensue empathy people will be more receptive to the entity. And what better way than pursuing a storytelling strategy to form a connection.

Goal Recognition

Make sure your storytelling-content strategy has goals to pursue. For instance, your goal is to establish yourself as a brand or increase customer retention. Just be sure that your strategy is to post a whirlwind of a story that also strategically ensures your goals. The truth is, the first step towards achieving your goals is building trust. That too with potential consumers. Secondly, your social media strategy in any way should revolve around engaging your audience. This is exactly what big skincare companies like FentyBeauty, Huda Beauty and Deciem do. 

Many other companies including The Body Shop ensures their customers via banning animal cruelty. They grab attention by telling people how beauty companies use rabbits and monkeys for testing their products. Most of them die a terrible death in the labs. And others are left scrounging for simple basic necessities. Their storytelling strategy has been extremely successful. In this way, they get their message across. Also, they focus on a global issue. Moreover, connect with people by telling them what their cruelty-free processes are.

Pursue an adventure of Content Marketing

Before you jump the bandwagon, make sure to design your strategy first. Your storytelling should be personalized. Add iconography and emoticons to your posts. Most importantly, offer solutions to problems. Especially those problems that your audience can relate to. And how your product can help mitigate those problems with content marketing. Foremost, make sure to take your audience on an adventurous journey through your words!