Without any doubt, 2019 has been a progressive year. That too in terms of digital and social media marketing. Facebook has come up with numerous tools and features to make sure your advertising reaps enormous benefits. However, even if your work is cut out for, that does not mean social media advertising is easy. You have to be on top of your game to get your message across. And that too effectively.

Marketers these days ensue the rule of 7 in marketing. The theory first emerged in the 1930s. But has taken precedence these days, thanks to digital marketing. The theory revolves around the fact that a user will become a final customer or prospect if they come across your ad seven times. The theory is actually deemed successful, especially where businesses ensue digital marketing. Here is an overview of 2019 digital marketing tools that will effectively help you pursue the 7 rule of marketing:


Grammarly is a great tool to incorporate. Especially concerning content derivation. Grammarly is basically a writer-checking tool. That helps and guides you by correcting spellings, grammar and tenses. It works as a plugin in the background and points out any typos in progress. This is an important yet effective digital marketing tool especially whilst writing blogs, content or emails. 


Moz is another digital marketing tool to be thankful for this year. Basically, Moz is a keyword explorer that helps enrich your list and content. It’s a great tool for Search engine optimization. Moz also offers the opportunity to track and analyse reports as well. Also, Moz ensues a comprehensive auditing tool as well. Which can help identify technical issues, wrong backlinks (that may lead to penalties) and point out hindrances in your webpage. 

Google Campaign Builder

Google campaign builder is the ultimate digital marketing tool. If you do not use it then you are missing out on very critical analytic for your business. Google Campaign Builder is basically a fully automated tool for business. Be it for services and products, Campaign builder can help you with customized ads and provides important insights and analytics essential to your marketing department. Time and cost are of the essence of any business. And this tool helps saves a lot of time. Especially if you need to track information through different sources.

LinkedIn Profile Pop-up on Gmail

LinkedIn is a great social platform to connect with recruiters and search for the right job. It is also an interactive way to meet new people professionally and grow your circle. However, to make things easier LinkedIn has a new tool to incorporate for its users. For users who do not know the sender of the email will find this plugin extremely useful. Once you enter and send an email to an unknown person, his or her profile will pop up at the side of the email. Through this, you can analyse new leads and make sure to pursue them if necessary. 


Slack is more like a centralized or company-wide tool that helps improve communication. Through slack, departments or companies can interact on one platform. They can collaborate regarding their work tasks. Also, Slack connects different company branches together via their private channel. Through this, they can easily share ideas and brainstorm strategies. Slack also lets you input calendar, reminders, and polls as well.

Let’s see which digital marketing tools will take precedence in 2020!