Social media marketing has revolutionized advertising and brand strategy. Just a few simple taps and you have a business page as a wholesome space to utilize. However, digital metrics aren’t easy to confer. To say the least, the world of social media can be confusing. However, it does provide a lot of ease too. Especially, if you have a limited budget. But then again how you optimize or utilize the budget is totally dependent upon your skills and knowledge. However, fret not here are some Facebook metrics you need to know about that can help improve your online presence:

Define your social media goals

Before you jump the ‘Facebook Metrics’ bandwagon, make sure you have a list of goals you want to achieve. The first rule is to know exactly what you want to achieve via social media marketing. For instance,  if your goal is to increase conversion (from social media to the website), then make sure your goal is defined. This will help provide direction. 

Post Reach

Post reach basically tells you how many people have seen your content or posts on your page. It can be broken down into paid and organic to give you a better idea. Likes and comments on your post basically indicate customer engagement. The higher the discussion or comments on your post (activity) increases the probability of your future posts to reach more people. Total reach indicates the cumulative number of people who have seen your posts. You can see your reach and the breakdown on your page insights tab (business manager). 


Businesses using Facebook as their marketing strategy should know how to measure engagement. Firstly, engagement provides useful insights and that too from a primary source. However, Facebook uses an algorithm. If one of your posts ensue engagement in terms of comments and reacts, then the algorithm will provide more exposure for your future posts. Thus, deriving content is key. High engagement on your posts, signals popularity to Facebook. 


People usually misinterpret impressions. This is one useful metric that should make it to your priority list. Impressions basically indicate how many people saw your posts. Secondly, it also measures the number of times your posts were seen. This also includes how many times a post was seen by one single user. You can see your impressions on the post tab. Click the reach: organic/paid button and select impressions.

Referral Traffic

Facebook referral traffic is basically, the number of users you get on your website via Facebook. This is extremely important as this indicates whether your Facebook marketing is reaping any benefits. This also indicates whether your audience likes your posts or not. The referral traffic also includes the number of times people have clicked on your links or call to action buttons. To analyse this make sure you have an account on Google analytics. You can find this under the acquisition tab.

Businesses usually apply the rule of seven in Marketing. A famous concept developed in the 1930s. But has now taken precedence via social media platforms. Marketers believe that a potential customer has to see your message seven times before they take action. This concept has now become extremely popular, all thanks to digital marketing! However, the concept is highly dependent upon how well you understand these Facebook Metrics.