Social media brings in new changes every day. This is why marketers and content strategists need to be up to date with social media trends. Besides staying on top of the game, A revised strategy is the key to achieving your social media goals. Besides social media isn’t going anywhere. It has become an integral part of people’s lives. The addiction is real. People wake up and check their social media accounts first thing in the morning. 

Given the importance and role it plays in people’s/consumers’ life, companies need to amp their dynamics. Usually, because social media ensues freedom of speech connotations. Therefore information overload is quite pertinent. Therefore, businesses and companies alike need to have a clear social media strategy to get their message across effectively. Which is why it is highly significant that the businesses know what social media trends to look out for in 2020:

Trend #1: Ephemeral Content will gain momentum

The term ‘Ephemeral Content’ means, the content available for a short period of time, after which it vanishes or disappears. both snapchat and Instagram are great platforms for ephemeral content. The trend picked up in 2019 and will play a major role in 2020 as well. Seeing the trend, snapchat has already modified its ad placement for companies as well. The point is the new generation’s attention span is small. Therefore, ephemeral content-format serves the purpose effectively. the availability may be short but the content format ensues lots of creativity and is very engaging. As per statista, Instagram active users ensue the stories features regularly. The stats have gone up to 500 million users. And almost 65% of marketers indulge in instagram stories to target their users. 

Trend #2 TikTok is here to conquer

Long since, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have dominated social media. They are, no doubt, the most popular platforms used by users and companies alike. However, TikTok has risen to fame as a niche social media platform. It is extremely popular amongst the youth population. Therefore, TikTok’s trend isn’t going anywhere. As of now the application has almost 1.5 billion active users. 

Trend #3 Social Commerce is the new E-commerce term

Facebook, Instagram and evidently Pinterest are social media platforms that ensue selling and purchasing. Also known as social commerce. The trend has grown tremendously since its introduction. Facebook also has a selling store tab for business profiles. Which provides details of the product and pricing. This indicates that social media is evolving into retail. Many companies ensue sale strategy in combination with social media marketing. This trend, however, will further expand in 2020. So make sure to devise a plan accordingly and storefronts should be your sales team priority. 

Trend #4 Influencer Marketing will soar and expand

Influencer Marketing has gained momentum in the last few years. Companies have analyzed the importance of influencers for their brand. Many companies and businesses ensue influencers as their brand ambassadors. However, by next year influencers will soar high and their numbers will increase. Their goal is to help companies achieve their marketing and sales goals. They also help convert leads effectively. However, in 2020 organic influencers is the way to go. They help engage customers effectively and also provide honest opinions. 

So, hold your horses, these trends are here to stay and will further expand. Make sure to change or devise a strategy accordingly. 2020 is filled with lots of surprises and changing dynamics!