News of slow distribution of COVID vaccine can be the reason for Zoom stock rise. The cases of COVID-19 are still rising and vaccine rollout is taking longer than expected in the US.

In 2020 technology stocks were blessings for investors, as social distancing and lockdown forced many people to rely on technology for work and social activities. Possibly no company benefited more than Zoom as it’s the go-to platform for video calls due to its best services. Last year the global pandemic gifted wings to Zoom Stock to fly up to nearly 400%. The social distancing turned Zoom in to buzz word in both professional and personal ecosystems.

As compared to many other video conferencing platforms Zoom is easier to use. This enabled zoom to attach millions of users across the world during the global pandemic.

The US economic comeback is still surrounded by uncertainty. This means the Zoom stock could continue to respond back to coronavirus and vaccine-related news.

When investing geniuses, Zoom is among the top ten best stocks for investors to buy. Perhaps 9 other stocks you might be ignoring. Zoom investors should consider the long-term prospects of the company and try not to react to the daily stream of news. Must read innovative advertising idea by Burger King on Zoom in below link.

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