Personal and professional growth is dependent on many factors. Including, how you manage emotions like anger, fear, and sadness. Secondly, how you conquer stress instead of letting it get in your way. How do you respond effectively to the feelings of others? More so, your motivation to get past setbacks and come back even stronger. Furthermore, your quest to renew yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

How do you define success?  

Success doesn’t have defined parameters. It is more of an open-ended question. The word itself implies a lot of meaning. Many people believe success to be ‘working for something they are passionate about’. Others believe success as a way of attaining peace and tranquility in their lives. People also define success through following their values, determination, and morals. Thus, success is more dependent on individualism and their thought process. Certainly, achieving success is more about the journey you have been through. The obstacles you faced and how you overcame them.

Get past setbacks to come back even stronger

Obstacles may be one word but elucidate a whole lot of meaning. For instance, adapting change be it personal and professional can lead to anxiety and fear. Many people find it difficult to adapt to certain changes. For instance, your feelings if you are fired from a job. Many such incidents can trigger anxiety, sadness, and fear. Either way, such obstacles can help define who you actually are. The first step is to cope up with these feelings. Take time, sit back and relax. 

Manage emotions like anger, fear, and sadness at work

Working through anxiety and fear requires spending quality time with yourself.  How would you feel if you were fired from your job? And the only reason you still kept working was to fulfill your financial obligations. That may be an important factor. But the fact is not a lot of people get an opportunity to pursue what they love. Thus, difficult obstacles can help define who you are. The ‘glass half empty or full’ proverbial expression definitely helps determine your perspective about life.

Conquer your stress instead of letting it get in your way

Success is also about how you overcome negative feelings and move forward. There are ways that can help you conquer stress. Without letting it affect you negatively. The first step is to ‘study yourself and your surroundings’. To better curb, your anxiety and stress issues learn about yourself. Understand how a situation has triggered your feelings. Also, analyze your behavioral responses and emotional response. For instance, working late hours and not getting any recognition may perturb your emotional well-being. Also, work stress is pretty common. Many times strict deadlines and workload can lead to stress, sadness, and anxiety. Thus, it is better to communicate your feelings to a person that can help navigate emotional distress in tough situations. Secondly, empathy plays a huge role. Respond more effectively to people by understanding them.

Respond more effectively to the feelings of others

Empathize with people in similar situations. You will be surprised to learn a lot. Many people are able to handle tougher more difficult situations effectively. Others may run from such situations. And some may mess things up by being panicky and nervous. The best way to overcome your negative feelings is to observe people. Listen and relate to them. More so, try and help them out so they can reciprocate as well. 

Renew yourself physically, mentally and emotionally

Most importantly, start practicing breathing exercises. It is true, that in stressful situations breathing exercises can help immensely. Also, yoga exercises can help you become more physically and mentally fit. Practice easy yoga exercises to help relieve tensions and negative emotions.

Let people know your journey towards success

The key to success is overcoming your obstacles and live to tell your story. Getting past your setbacks can make you stronger. A lot of people find setbacks demotivating. But for many, setbacks is a way of pursuing better opportunities. There is a high chance you might achieve something better than what you dreamed of. By being optimistic and determined all the way.