ehzeeb with a legacy of more than 100 years is one of the most famous classical bakers of twin cities in Pakistan. The Tehzeeb bakery is exceedingly famous for Cakes, Biscuits, Pizza, Snacks, Salads, and bread of all types. Above all customized cake options are also available to celebrate the special occasion of your loved ones.

Tehzeeb Pizza Price 

Tehzeeb Pizza menu offers a very diversified range, below is the detailed menu updated May 2024. On mobile, To view the complete menu rotate your mobile screen.

Tehzeeb Pizza Menu9" Small11" Medium13" Large15" X Large
Grilled Chicken Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Bar B. q. Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Sausage Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Four Square Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Smoked Chicken Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Hawaiian Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Chicken Fiery Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Chicken Chapli Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Sriracha Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Beef Pepperoni Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Beef Salami Special Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Mortadela Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Cheese & Tomato Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Vegetarian Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790
Vega Pizza1,2951,7402,3252,790

All Mini Pizza 5″ Rs.680

Tehzeeb Snacks |Burgers and Sandwitches Price

Tehzeeb Snacks menu offers a very diversified range, below is the detailed menu updated April 2024

Tehzeeb SnacksPrices
Chicken PieRs. 270
Chicken SamosaRs. 150
Chicken Cheese SamosaRs. 130
Beef SamosaRs. 130
Vegetable SamosaRs. 95
Chicken RollRs. 245
Chicken Crust RollRs. 245
Chicken Mushroom RollRs. 235
Vegetable RollRs. 195
Shashlik StickRs. 335
Kebab StickRs. 245
Thai StickRs. 245
DrumstickRs. 260
Chicken Chinese PastryRs. 255
Vegetable Cheese PastryRs. 260
Shami KebabRs. 185
Chicken NaanRs. 260
Plain NaanRs. 90
Chicken Pizza SmallRs. 245
Chicken Pizza GalicRs. 520
Chicken Spicy PizzaRs. 520
Grill/Stream Roast (Piece)Rs. 360
Grill/Stream RoastRs. 1440
Chicken KachoriRs. 185
Chicken Bread (L)Rs. 650
Chicken Bread (S)Rs. 325
Lemon BreadRs. 650
Chicken QuicheRs. 360
Cheese and Onion RollRs. 160
Cheese and Onion PastyRs. 260
Chicken NuggetsRs. 1520
Spicy BurgerRs. 470
Plain Chicken BurgerRs. 445
Chicken Cheese BurgerRs. 450
Chicken Grill BurgerRs. 470
Hot DogRs. 445
Jalapeno BurgerRs. 470
Club SandwichRs. 460
Panini Grilled SandwichRs. 495
Chicken SandwichRs. 425
Vegetable Cream CheeseRs. 435
Egg & Cheese SandwichRs. 435
Bun Shami KebabRs. 250
RaitaRs. 65
Ketchup SachetRs. 6