I remember walking past a secluded tandoor with a different setup behind my university. As I read the name ‘Maro tandoor” I instantly became intrigued. The Tandoor had a fusion of traditional yet modern exterior. As you enter, you see a chalkboard with a menu?! This is exactly what caught my eye: ‘A menu at the tandoor’. Hence when I read it, there were different nan’s to choose from. From garlic to Nutella to cheesy pizza nan to the traditional buttery nan. An assortment of flavours to choose from. And how could you not? The enticing aroma itself sold me, completely.’

This is just a simple anecdote of one customer. Maro Tandoor was just a stepping stone of what you could do with a simple nan. A project of the LUMS Centre of  Entrepreneurs, Maro Tandoors first opened in Model Town in 2015. The entrepreneurial spirit was shared between four undergraduate students of LUMS. The startup received praise and appreciation from all over. Even their parents expressed their happiness for their entrepreneurial journey.

Maro Tandoor,  Model Town Lahore

However, a branch in Model Town, Lahore was just a stepping stone. After the success of the Maro Tandoor, the four entrepreneurs expressed their desire to open more branches.  Maro Tandoor’s project shows how innovation and entrepreneurial spirit can change our societal dynamics. All they did was bring innovation to a simple traditional nan. And now it is one of the most successful eateries in the city. They also believe in being the most hygienic tandoor as well. Which is important, after all, Lahore eateries are still subjected to health and food violation. 

Many other similar tandoors have opened in Islamabad as well. They have openly credited Maro tandoors for their innovation and taste. The thing is every business school in Pakistan should opt and motivate undergraduates to open innovative ventures.

In conclusion, youth is buzzing with different ideas to pursue, however, there is a lack of a support system and the economic instability is a huge demotivating factor. But as the Maro Tandoor’s Chief Marketing Officer says:

The most important advice for entrepreneurs is to take the plunge. If you want to pursue something go for it and don’t wait around for someone else.