Akhuwat Foundation, also the world’s largest Islamic micro-finance is Pakistan’s finest example of social development. The foundation works on the core principle of alleviating poverty and empowering the deprived segment of the society. Poverty is an issue that seeps deep into the confluence of our society. Unfortunately, from the independence of Pakistan up till now, no government action has taken any precedence to work towards marginalizing the deprived. However, Akhuwat Foundation’s vision is to build a poverty-free and compassion filled dynamics of the country.

Akhuwat Foundation principles

The foundation’s foremost aim is to provide interest-free loans to the less-fortunate people. In this way, the foundation promotes small business activity and a much-needed source of income. This also helps promote resource allocation, motivate people to work for their livelihood and to top it off interest-free loans ensue peace of mind in an already difficult life.

The foundation also promotes religious parity;

They build mosques, churches and temples as a way to promote social development and increase tolerance. You can also volunteer for the foundation if you are overtly enthusiastic to work for the betterment of the country. Working as a volunteer for the organization will open many doors to pursue later in your life. Foremost, Akhuwat is a safe place! The organization does not discriminate on the basis of colour, creed, religion or social status. 

Akhuwat Foundation Programs

Besides being an interest-free microfinance organization, Akhuwat also has other programs. Including educational services. The foundation realises the root cause of poverty is lack of education. Thus, with the help of funding and loans, the foundation has been providing high-quality education since 2015. And that too for free. There is an Akhuwat University that aims to ensue world-class education and not only for the deprived community but it is open to everyone with initiative.

The foundation aims to build two branches in one located in Lahore the other in D.G Khan. Also, the degrees will be attested and students will learn a range of essential and technical skills that will later open doors of opportunity and improve their lifestyle. 

Another most important program that the foundation is tirelessly working upon is the ‘Akhuwat Khawaja Sira (transgender) Support program. The transgenders in Pakistan is one of the most looked upon community in our society. They have been subjected to racial slurs, discrimination, derogatory behaviour and abuse in every way. Akhuwat Foundation support program for the transgenders is a ray of hope.

Since 2011, Akhuwat foundation has been providing enormous support to them. Which includes income support, medical service and a chance to become a part of the society. In other words their right to live and flourish. Their support program includes a monthly stipend, health services including monthly checkups and community building. 

Clothes Bank

Another important welfare service includes Akhuwat Clothes bank. Akhuwat helps you to donate clothes to needy people. The foundation collects clothes, washes them and gets them dry cleaned before providing it to the lesser marginalized segments of the community. 

As a part of this society, the best thing we can do is play our part well. Make sure to donate funds to Akhuwat foundation so they can ensure prosperity, social and economic development in our country. A foundation can only do so much but a united nation can move mountains!